De que me sirve quererte (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Why do I need to love you

Why do I need to love you
and to die because of your love
if I am not in your dreams
even less in your heart
you are so indifferent
and you do not care about that what I feel
if I can never have you
I think the best is to forget you
cause 1 moment of the happiness
for many years in the solitude in return
why die I need a moment
if I want you for the eternal time
and when I need you the most
something must take you away from me
why should I love you
if you leave me alone as always
I wish I was more brave
and to get me rid of you from my heart
to get to used to this, not to see you
to hide myself in my whole world
Why do I need to love you
and to die for your love
if for you there are so many things
that are more important than me
Chorus 2x
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De que me sirve quererte