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Paroles de « Come Inside - Song for Ukraine »

  • Artiste : Deron Wade

Come Inside - Song for Ukraine

Dad, I know, there's a war.
But I don't know, if I'll be fine.
Son, I know, we should have the answers now.
I can tell you, that you'll be alright.
You know what, if you could just
take off your shoes and come inside.
Mom, I know, I heard those bombs explode.
Why is everyone leaving their homes?
Son, I know, you heard those bombs explode.
But please know that, you're not alone.
You know what, if you could just,
take off your shoes and come inside.
Yesterday, there wasn't any news.
But now all my friends are standing outside.
I don't understand, what's happening.
Do I come inside?
Dad, I heard, another bomb explodes.
And I'm finding out, we might die.
And, Mom, I'm scared, I'm so damned scare,
I guess, that I should just try to understand, why.
Son, if you could just take off your shoes,
We'll be together inside.
Merci !
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