Di Bahaltene Libe (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Amanda (Miryem-Khaye) Seigel
  • Chanson: Di Bahaltene Libe
  • Traductions : anglais

Di Bahaltene Libe

Ongekumen iz zi mit a shtiln gang
Ongetsundn hot zikh in mir, a fink fun gezang
Geflakert hot dos harts mayns fun ir oygn-blits
Zet men nit mayn benkshaft?
Filt men nit di hits?
Nor ikh makh zikh kile-yode
Azoy iz dokh di mode
Dos shemen zikh un shvaygn
Me vet zey nit ibertsaygn
S’iz a benkshaft on a mitl
A seyfer on a titl
A lid nokh nit dershribn
A veytik geblibn
Di bahaltene libe vos zi tut in mir brenen
Di bahaltene libe vos a mentsh kon derkenen
Zi kumt on a sibe
Nor ver zhe darf a sibe?
Az zi tut oyf mir a kuk,
Tut dos harts a derkvik…
Un ot iz di sibe
Nokhgegangen iz zi nokh mir vi a troym
Zikh oyfgekhapt, zi blaybt nokh,
Un es gleybt zikh mir koym
Beser nit tsu trakhtn in dem tif arayn
Un fun der gantser mayse vet shoyn gornit zayn
Un geyen gey ikh vayter mit shtarke, feste trit
Nor es dakht zikh az ikh her nokh fun hintn ire trit
Vi vayt ikh zol nit fli’en
Vi ikh zol zikh nit bami’en
Farloyft zi ale veygn
Un kumt mir antkeygn
Di bahaltene libe
Vos zi tut zikh tsu mir tsi’en
Di bahaltene libe
Vos zi lozt mikh nisht ru’en
Zi kumt umfarbetn
Un vet zikh fun mir nit optretn
Biz ikh zog zi shoyn,“kum”
In ikh nem zi arum
Di eygene libe
Ikh veys az dos iz oser
Nu, bin ikh a farbrekher
Un az men est shoyn khazer
Shrayt azh fun di dekher
Ikh ken zikh gornit baytn
Nit far got un nit far laytn
Un ikh shem zikh nit afile
Bet bay keynem nit mekhile
Di sibe iz libe
Vos zi tut in yeydn mentshn brenen
Di sibe iz libe
Vos yeder mentsh kon derkenen
Di sibe iz libe
S’iz prost un poshet libe
Vayl az ikh tu oyf ir a kuk,
Git dos harts a derkvik…
Un ot iz di sibe
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The Hidden Love

She came in quietly
And a spark of song ignited within me
My heart blazed from the lightning of her eyes
Don’t they see my longing?
Don’t they feel this heat?
But I play the fool
That’s the fashion after all
The shame and the silence
They won’t be convinced
It’s a longing without a means
A book without a title
A song not yet completed
An ache that remains
Hidden love burns in me
Hidden love that a person can recognize
She comes without a reason
But who needs a reason?
When she glances at me,
My heart thrills…
And that is the reason
She followed me like a dream
I woke, she was still here, and I could scarcely believe it
It’s better not to think too deeply about this
In the end nothing will come of it
And so I keep on going
With strong, determined steps
But it seems I still hear
Her footsteps behind me
However far I fly, howeverhard I try
She stands in my way
She faces me
Hidden love
She draws herself to me
Hidden love
She gives me no rest
She arrives uninvited
And won’t leave my side
Until I invite her in
And embrace her
This very love
I know it’s forbidden
So call me a criminal
And if you’re going to break the rules
Shout it from the rooftops
I can’t change who I am
Not for G-d, not for anyone
And I am not even ashamed
I’m not asking for anyone’s forgiveness
The reason is love
That burns in every person
The reason is love
That every person can recognize
The reason is love
Simply love
Because when I look at her,
My heart thrills…
And that is the reason
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Publié par Natur ProvenceNatur Provence le Mar, 19/11/2019 - 14:31
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