Megaherz - Die Gedanken sind frei (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Thoughts are Free

I want you
I took a look at you
I want you
You're so beautiful
I want you
Tonight you belong to me
I want you give me a kiss
I want you I'm burning with lust
I want you
Come on, don't act so coy
I'll make you happy
I'll get you
I'll get you
I want you
You're a female
I want you
your wonderful body
I want you
My heart screams for you
I want you
You're so nice and round
I want you
I'm as horny as a dog
I want you
Don't act like you're all that
I'll show you what I can do
I'll fuck you
I will I will
Fuck you, I will
yeah I will
[Quote from famous folk song, deliberately defiled :o in the most shocking way by putting it in this context:]
"Our thoughts are free
Who can guess them
They fly right by
like shadows by night"
I want you
We're finally alone
I want you
What could be finer
I want you
Lust is eating me up
I want you
Your erotic power
I want your passion
I'm right next to you
I hear it scream
The beast in me
Our thoughts are free
Free as the wind
Which I guess is also why
they can't be guessed
They fly
They float
They flit by
Like shadows by night
Our thoughts are free
They're free
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Die Gedanken sind frei

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