Donna famosa (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Fabri Fibra
  • Chanson: Donna famosa
  • Traductions : anglais
traduction en anglaisanglais

Famous Woman

[Verse 1]
Many times in this guise
I've felt like an extraterrestrial
I've knocked a thousand doors
I've been to a thousand parties
Now let's start this one
And once this is over
After everyone's watched my video
Where I don't dance, where I don't laugh
You know I love you my own way
Stress is what fills us up with hate
It's hard to be Italian
As you can, put your hands up
Hands up x8
It's a trap that attracts you
And the air's unbreathable in here
I'm not looking for a famous woman
And everyone chases something!
[Verse 2]
I'm not looking for a famous woman
I'm not looking for a famous woman
I don't want a famous woman
I don't want a famous woman
One of those who pose
One of those who pose
I'm not the one who's going to marry her
I'm not the one who's going to marry her
I don't want a random girl
I don't want a random girl
I don't want a random life
I'm not going to spend my life in a bunker
I'm going to spend my holidays in Italy
When I sing I think about Italy
About every morning I spend in Italy
About every criticism of Italy I've had
About the women you'd like
About the promises on posters
About the reports you detest
Put your hands up if you understand my lyrics!
Hands up x8
Hands up x8
Left to right x4
[Fabri Fibra]
So, I want to hear the voices: how many boys are there? How many girls are there? More chaos!
I always say this, but, hell, it's true; for your career, for your future, guys, for real, do what you really think is right for your career, not what the others tell you to do, because if you manage it the others will be envious!
Thanks to everyone for being here tonight. Thanks to all the people who are putting their hands up for Italian rap tonight!
[Big Fish]
Fabri, Fibra, so, so now I'll say it; I mean, your fans are real losers, sorry if I tell you...
[Fabri Fibra]
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Donna famosa

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