Draumeslagjé (traduction en gotique)



Ei nott eg drøymde at verda brann
og vaken tykte eg draumen sann
Alt liv var teke av svartepest
og myrkemakter heldt sigersfest
Allting på jorda var heilt forgjort
og alt forgifta og skjemt i lort
Det lydde røyster som i eit slag
og kampen stod på den siste dag
Den kampen stod mellom død og liv
og anden som over jorda sviv
Me var som vakande i ei grav
og anden atter oss livet gav
Me var som vakande i ei grav
I blinde fekk eg det synet att
Som dag or natt
Som dag or natt
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Suma naht draumida ïk ei midjungards ufbrann
jah wakrs þahta ei sunjis wesi draums
Alla libains was fram wundufnjai swartai numana
jah mahteis riqizeinos waurhtedun sigisdauht
Ƕarjatoh ana airþai frawaurþ allandjo
jah all aitrodata was jah saulnoda
Stibnos hropidedun swe ïn hildai
jah haþus stoþ ïn þamma daga spedistin
Haþus stoþ miþ dauþau jah libainai
jah ahmin þammei ufar airþai flutoþ
Wesum swe waknandans ïn hlaiwa
jah gaqiujiþ unsis sa ahma
Wesum swe waknandans ïn hlaiwa
Daubo ganam aftra þo siun
Swe dag us naht
Swe dag us naht
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I have no idea what "jé" in the original title means, and I can't find anything on it. So the title translation may be off? --- Riddle solved by user Andreven! Thank you! Despite being mostly based off of the English translation, I did try to stick to the original Norwegian as best as I could. Some things can be translated in multiple ways, and I'm following the English translation's translation of those things.

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AndrevenAndreven    Dim, 24/10/2021 - 18:10

This translation is very cool. I can try to explain the title, since it has to do with a dialectal pronunciation of "slaget" (which is the normal spelling in both Bokmål and Nynorsk). In some dialects of Norwegian (but not most), the hard G at the end of a word turns into a J sound if followed by an E. This is normally represented by "gj" in writing. Here are some examples:

ein veg - vegjen (a way - the way)
ein dag - dagjen (a day - the day)
eit steg - stegje (a step - the step)
eit slag - slagje (a battle - the battle)

Johann262Johann262    Dim, 31/10/2021 - 06:52

Ah, thank you very much for that explanation! I'm slowly picking up on things by studying lyrics in Norwegian, but that is something I never would have figured out it was a dialectal ending. At least the title is still correctly translated then.

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