Drop dead

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Tomber raide mort
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Umrijeti neočekivano, slučajno.

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die suddenly and unexpectedly.

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« Drop dead » dans des paroles

Aya Nakamura - The dowry

When we met I didn't know how to love
I gave all guys the cold shoulder
Watch out[fn]"belek" is of Arabic origin and can mean "watch out" or "drop dead" depending on the context[/fn], you're gonna lose it
I surrendered, you can have me

REOL - Omen

More faithful than anyone, my friends have always
been people I knew in the past
Before I drop dead, I’ll pierce through this

Trippie Redd - Dark Knight Dummo

Cannot stop comin' in, comin' in
Pull up in a drop top, she drop dead
I pulled up in a drop top, she drop dead
My diamonds dancing, hopscotch, they holding hands

Ghali - Wily Wily

You learning a new word and repeating it,
Who defames you but doesn't talk when you meet him,
Who says "Break a leg" and hopes that you drop dead,
The Italian people who let themselves be fooled,

amazarashi - Empty Hole

Dreams, hope, and grudges too
"I want to meet you" too "Drop dead!" too
In this stuffed fire-bomb

Eminem - Not Afraid

I think I got a tear in my eye, I feel like the king of
My world, haters can make like bees with no stingers
And drop dead: no more beef lingers
No more drama from now on, I promise

Rae Sremmurd - Come Get Her

Hennessy or Don Q, that's a very hard choice
For the diamonds on my pinky, need a gang of cool points
And the drop head make 'em drop dead, yeah
Ye ain't scared, ye ain't scared, ye ain't scared, yeah

Riblja Čorba - Look At Your Home, Angel

may peace reign in your soul
Answer the prayers, angel
may the fiends drop dead, so help me God,
so be an angel of revenge

Oomph! - As If it Were the Last Time

Near you, I'm lonely
Because you are drop-dead gorgeous
We let ourselves fall in love

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Here In Halloween [This Is Halloween]

Here in Halloween.
Pranking everyone who deserves it,
And then, they drop dead with shock.

Stromae - WDY

Step on the stage, why don't you all drop dead!
Walk the streets, why don't you all get judged!

Ghali - Dende

I debone these rappers
I wax as many records as I can
If I drop dead or something happens, I'm all good
Like after the ringing "Bro I'm ready"[fn]In italian, "pronto" means both "ready" and "hello?"[/fn]

Kamisama, boku wa kidzuite shimatta - deadlock

I wonder how much better I’ll feel if I just drop dead
Thoughts wandering without a goal, an uncertain escape
Even if I’m closed off there’s nothing I can do about it
There’s no one else that understands what’s in your head. Stop acting like a victim

Bosnian Folk - Emina

But the beatiful Emina didn't approach me.
She only looked at me once harshly,
Neither does she care, sordid, for that I had drop dead* for her!

Migos - Walk It Talk It

Hold out on that coffee
Smoke the cookie, get the coughin'
Drop dead fresh, I need a coffin
Ballin', somethin' we do often (ball)

Alyssa Edwards - Drop Dead Gorgeous (B. Ames Mix)

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch

I don't get 'cute', I get drop dead gorgeous

grandson - Is This What You Wanted

You wanna watch me melt down
You wanna watch me drop dead
You wanna see me sell my soul

Migos - Stir Fry

You a dead guy
Of course, I gotta keep watch out through my bird eye
No casket, drop dead fresh and I got dead guys
Don't discriminate, ballplayers come in all sizes

Herbert Grönemeyer - The Hero

Delicate melancholy blows over us
You look drop dead gorgeous[fn]The literal translation would describe being brought to one's knees, but since that would have a different meaning in English, I've substituted an expression with a similar meaning.[/fn]
You can move on at any time

amazarashi - The Emptiness

In the roadside guttlers, next to vending machines, behind each smile, right beneath you.

My dreams, my hopes, my pent up resentment, “I want to see you soon”, and “Drop dead!” all packed in this molotov cocktail: “Serves you right cruel world!” Oh, the emptiness!