Amadeus Band - Drugovi (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


Who are the blizzards, who are the storms
that broke your wings?
Don't ask my friend, it is the disloyalty,
her lips killed me.
Who are the nights, who are the dawns
that stole your dreams?
Don't ask my friend, it is the disloyalty,
her hands gave me away.
Where are you old friends,
so that I spend everything with you?
Cause she is the biggest sin,
but how can I not make mistake?
Heey, at least you know how much I loved her,
heey, I would die for what I lived for!
Which is the sky, which is the sea,
who is stealing your coast?
Don't ask, my friend, what are the colors,
her eyes killed me.
Trust me, never say never,
maybe it will get back on you.
Nothing in this world doesn't hurt so much
like a unrequited love!
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