Eason Chan - Sleep Alone

  • Artiste: Eason Chan ( 陳奕迅; 陈奕迅; Chen Yi Xun; Chan Yick-shun )
  • Album: 《陪安东尼度过漫长岁月》电影英文主题曲

Sleep Alone

Thousands of cities from home
Wander into the unknown
Chances are here I was told
Crossing the footsteps of new and of old
Recurring smiles in the air
Sky bule and life full of cheer
Stories of people unfold
All and we'd imagined is here
Travel on into the dawn
Where memones grow
Sway along with all the names
That this life may hold
It's the little things little things
Laugh through the night
Through the crowd
Till the end of the road
Travel on beyond the dawn
Where everyone konws
Faces familiar
A place I'd call home
If there's anything anything
I'd ask about in the end
Where will I wake up tomorrow
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