En cambio no (traduction en filipino/tagalog)

traduction en filipino/tagalog

But Instead, No

Perhaps it was enough to breath, just to breath very slowly
Regaining every beat in me,
And you don't have meaning now that you are gone
where are you now? Because I can't accustom myself, though
December has already come. You are not here, I will wait for you until the end
But instead no. Today, there's no time for me to explain
And to ask, if I loved you enough
I am right here, and I want to talk to you (right) now, (right) now
Because they break upon my teeth,
The important things,
Those words that you will never hear.
And I submerge them in a wail, causing them to escape
They are all for you, one by one, here
("pesan" not "besan")Do you feel them now? They're heavy and they settle between you and me
If I don't have you, I cannot repeat them, I cannot say them
But instead, no. The memories rain down on me,
of those days where we ran against the wind,
I want to dream that I can talk to you (right) now, (right) now
But instead, no. Today, there's no time for me to explain
I also had, a thousand things to tell you,
And in front of me (as in, "confronting me"), a thousand things that drag me alongside you
Perhaps it was enough to breath,
Just to breath very slowly.
(Hoy es tarde) Today is too late. Instead, today, no.
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Not all of the spanish lyrics were correct. (It should be "pesan" not "besan" and "tarde" not "parte") I did my best. I know it is far better than google translator or any other translation I can find, but it's probably not perfect. Enjoy.

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En cambio no

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