En Güzel Mevsimim (traduction en anglais)

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My Most Beautiful Season

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I know I have mistake
I know the sin is mine
If you are the outgoing and I'm the remaining of this way
If you say ''I don't come back even if I love'', I'm ruined
Is our way seperated from now on?
Is our end the same with the alone ones?
Ignore the morning, if I light up your night
With the stars, is there suffering again?
You were saying ''you don't change'' but I have changed
Now I'm falling from the sky
You were delicate like a snowflake, you became broken with my one word
You were the most beautiful flower that bloomed inside me
Like I remembered at the eleventh hour, I wish I could say ''stay''
If the life is a movie, you are my most beautiful scene
You are the most beautiful season of my life
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En Güzel Mevsimim

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