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End of story・・・ (End of story...) (traduction en anglais)

End of story・・・

どらが かとに おいたゆけばりの
ゆめ に おきた あがたわまたら
ちかんですぎいの せていうき がうきくと
してなあ ぬるお だろか。。。
ゆめと きせいしすまくらいなら
ねむいたま まねいい のでしょ
ころうたが きえて しわうまえに
きすいてくるさいい で
かんじょてしこばたく そいそをのはこにわ
となしまり じょにもわりわから つくるたら
しあらい せなきもち ううわきえて はしくたくるから
あいけからしおも いをらいほにとねただ
ゆめと きせいしすま くらいなら
ねむいたま まねいい んですか
ころうたが きえて しわうまえに
このいて くるさいい
[ 。。。]
こちわ いすけへいりらて
きみにくら らない なもろしおをいすかなが
きみ の てにだかれて そとねむりたい
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This goes to all the souls that we couldn't find the lyrics before.

-With love, Ren.

(Please forgive any possible mistakes)


Esto va para todas las almas que no pudimos encontrar la letra antes.

-Con amor, Ren.

(Por favor, perdone los posibles errores)

traduction en anglaisanglais
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End of story...

I'm afraid I'm hot on your heels
From the moment I came to your dream
When you feel that you are too small
Is it okay to be warm?
If it comes to reaching the island of dreams
It's good to at least try, right?
Before the song is ending
It was good to be here
I can't help but feel the feeling of worry
I know that you want to do something, rather you don't know what
Because emotion is highly addictive
But I know well that it is something completely ephemeral
If it comes to reaching the island of dreams
Is it okay to at least try?
Before the song is ending
It was really nice to be here
[. . . ]
I want you to come here
I just want you to tell me directly if you like me or not
Because I want to be hugged by you while I sleep
'' Good night ''
Merci !

RenRen, Ren

Publié par Arehandororo_RenArehandororo_Ren 2021-05-15
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