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縁結び祝い唄 (Enmusubi iwaiuta) (traduction en anglais)


今日は愛(め)でたい 門出の日
泣き虫だった 娘(おまえ)だが
白無垢(しろむく)の 花嫁姿 きれいだよ
祈るしあわせ 金屏風
なみだで呑みほす 祝い酒
乳母日傘(おんばひがさ)で 育てたが
母さん泣いた 時(ひ)もあった
「赤とんぼ」おまえはいつも 唄ってた
忘れないのさ 想い出は
夕焼け見つめて 生きてゆく
贈る言葉は 少ないが
こころで無事を 願ってる
鶴と亀 笑顔が似合う 夫婦(めおと)だよ
かわい子宝 めぐまれて
明日(あした)へふたりの 晴れ姿
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Marriage celebration song

Today we're happy, a new life begins
Though you were a cry baby
Yous figure with the wedding dress is beautiful
We pray for your happiness in the golden folding screen
With tears we drink a celebration sake
Though we brought you up with greatest care pampering
There were times when mom cried
You were always singing "Akatombo"
Those are memories I won't forget
I live staring at the sunset
Though the words I give are few
I wish for your safety with my heart
You're man and wife. The crane and the turtle suit your smiling faces
May you be blessed with children
Two elegant figures go to tomorrow
Merci !

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