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Freundeskreis1 '99
with (the usage of) Esperanto2 (you'll be) internationally understandable, yeah, yeah
we set off messages in vocabularies declared dead3
Esperanto's finding its way into German suburbs
Freundeskreis becomes amikaro4
the Tupac Amaru5 of Stuttgart's6 barrio7
our lingvo8 translates this melting pot
we provide to you the hip hop sound in which the world is reflected
cause we kept the vision and remained true to ourselves
that's for the heads that love rap from 07119
Miliano Mondano with the posse
Don Phillippe10 and Frico11, the disc jockey
the philosophy: street poetry
a lingua franca12 for all left-wingers13 and immigrants
it is '99, today rap is universal
A&R's14 are looking like b-boys15, the culture is smashed to pieces due to the (big) money (involved)
the media's definition of hip hop is a farce
we do what we've done always, except that the context's fucked
I get a headache of too many canned16 pop songs
but FK doesn't get lumped together with them
there's nothing holding us back, nothing letting us stay put
we spread it out over the hills of Stuttgart to the world: Esperanto
that's the language of love
that will be spoken by and by
and on this (very) day hope will be born
Esperanto - viewpoint of people like us
of those who enrich the (culture) and not only grow themselves rich on culture
a synonyme for '"let a hundred flowers bloom;
[...] a hundred schools [...] contend"17 in rap cyphers'
Esperanto - an answer to the cultural brankruptcy
music is an universal language, not a quick buck
¡escuchá el lenguaje,18 rap's bel-canto19!
fiddle, like Castro20, the first violin to the biz' last tango
Esperanto - eloquent definition:
a quick-taught lingvo for an international dialogue
(it's) based on Romanic21, German, Yiddish22, Slavic23
no linguistic imperialism or prerogative of the educated aristocracy
Esperanto - no deficit if you don't get it right away, it's more important that you read between the lines
(that) you get inspired by our style, (that you) feel what my input is
I be lyricist, international linguist
Miliano soul guerrillero24
the songwriting partisan, the last Mohican
on the mic, amigos, estaj representanto25
FK amikaro, motto: Esperanto
that's the language of love
that should be spoken by and by
and on this (very) day hope will be born
for all the people of all countries
for all the people who are present here,
Esperanto '99
the times will change with this new sound
and if you like this sound here
amikaro and Déborah
it's just the beginning, you can count on that
we believe in Esperanto
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Besatnias    Sam, 30/05/2015 - 20:53

Just wow, great effort. Thank you very much for this thorough translation of the song.