Eyes Of A Homeless Dog (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Eyes Of A Homeless Dog

Today I saw the emptiness in his eyes,
Aimlessness of his eyes, a detachment,
This indifferent, not even expressed fear.
Now I know exactly how I am weak:
After all, I could never see In the eyes of a Homeless dog.
All of these roadways, all these streets,
Drenched streets, the eternally gray city,
They sucked all the juice out of your life emaciated body.
It's your last day, I know for sure!
Oh, if I don't drink away My last money, I'd buy you at least A piece of sausage.
But you seem to fuck everything.
You did not even notice that I sat next to you.
For you I'm another drunk who remembered?
That He, you see, He loves animals, When he is drunk.
Yes, you're right, my God, you're right.
I have another drunken scum, crouched beside you.
But how can I forget your eyes, how? How can I forget?
Someone might say that like you, are millions. You are like them, just hit the wrong time at the wrong place.
And where is the right place??? Where is the right time? Where? Where?
You shiver beats.
Yes, the municipality will take care of you:
You will burn in a landfill, after you go astray Some drunk driver.
The Earth absorbs what is left you.
If I could turn back time, I would like to never look into the eyes of this Homeless dog.
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Fuck.. That's deep..


Eyes Of A Homeless Dog

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