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  • Mamta Sharma

    Fevicol Se → traduction en anglais

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Fevicol Se

Angdaaiyaan leti hoon main jabb zor-zor se
ufff! angdaaiyan leti hoon main jab zor-zor se
Uhh ahh ki avaaz hai aati har ore se
Main to chaloon is kadar
Ke mach jaae ye gadar
Hosh waale bhi madhosh aayein re nazar
Mere photo ko seene se yaar, chipkale saiyaan Fevicol se
Fevicol se.. Fevicol se..
Main to kab se hoon ready-taiyar
Pataale saiyan miss-call se
Merey photo ko seeney se yaar
Chipka le saiyyan Fevicol se..
Jhhoom jhhoom jhum barabar.. jhoom jhoom jhoom..
Jhoom le jhum le.. maze mein jhom le..
Jhoom le jhum le.. Nashe mein jhom le..
Pyaar karle tu aaj angoor ki daughter se
Naseehat bhool jayega tu ek quarter se
Peene waale ko bhi jeene ka mazaa aayega
Yeh wo daaroo hai jo chadh jaae sirf water se
Aaja mere raaja, tujhe jannat dikhaun main
Barfeele paani mein fire lagaaun main
Saare India..
Saare India ko tune ghulam kiyaa re
Main to tandoori murgi hoon yaar
Gatkaa le saiyyan alcohol se.. O yea!
Mere photo ko seene se yaar, chippka le saiyaan Fevicol se
Log kehte hain mujhe, main to hoon namkeen butter
Kaat doongi main dil ko, meri javaani hai cutter
Mera jalwaa jo dekh le, wo faint ho jaaye
Close karke too rakh le apne naino ka shutter
Public shehar ki kare hai teraa wait re..
Arrey thummke jo kamariyaa, hile jila kya state re..
Par kahani oh Raani puraani hai teri
Phir bhi photo ko..
Tere photo ko seene mein yaar chipka loonga main Fevicol se
My Gypsy with siren taiyaar
Bhaga le ise petrol se..
Petrol se.. petrol se..
Mere photo ko seeney se yaar Chipka le saiyaan..
Chipka le saiyaan Fevicol se
Fevi.. Fevicol se.. Fevicol se..
Nayan ham ladaayenge baby-doll se
Londiyaa pataaenge miss-call se
Bat ball sey, Cinema-hall sey,
Arrey marriage-hall sey, Overall sey
Tere photo ko seeney mein yaar chipkaa loonga main Fevicol sey
Mere photo ko seeney mein yaar
Chipka le saiyyan..
Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se..

With Fevicol

When I stretch mightily
When I stretch mightily
The sounds of 'uhh' and 'ahh' come from every side
The way I walk
That there is a hell of a noise
Conscious people also seem to be intoxicated
O my friend, stick my photo to your chest with Fevicol
With Fevicol, with Fevicol..
I have been ready for a long time
Persuade me by giving me a missed call.
Stick my photo to your chest using Fevicol
Swing swing swing continuously.. swing swing swing..
Swing swing.. Swing in fun..
Swing swing.. Swing in intoxication..
You, love the daughter of the grape
You will forget the lesson within a quarter
The one drinking will also have fun of living
It is a drink, which intoxicates with water alone too..
Come my king, let me show you the heaven
I set fire to the cold water
All the India..
You have made all the India your slave
I am a barbecue hen..
Swallow me with alcohol, oh my beloved..
Stick my photo to your chest with fevicol
People tell me that I am salty butter
I will cut the heart, my youth is a cutter
The one who sees my talent, gets fainted
Keep the shutter of your eyes closed
The public of the city awaits you
When your waist moves, not only the district, full state shivers..
But oh my queen, your story is old
But still your photo...
I will stick your photo to my chest with fevicol..
My gypsy is ready with siren
Make it run using petrol
Using petrol.. Using petrol..
Stick my photo with your chest, oh my friend
Stick it using fevicol, my beloved
Using fevicol.. Using fevicol..
We will meet our eyes with the baby-doll
We will persuade a girl by missed call
Using bat-ball, By going to cinema hall
Oh by taking her to marriage hall, overall..
I will stick your photo to my chest using Fevicol.
O my friend, stick my photo
To your chest with Fevicol