Fight fire with fire

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Fight fire with fire (anglais) — يحارب النار بالنار

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Fight fire with fire — Fighting with the same weapon the enemy uses

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Fight fire with fire — Πολεμώ με το ίδιο όπλο

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Fight fire with fire — شەڕكردن بە چەكێك كە بەهەمان شێوە دوژمنیش شەڕى پێدەكات

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Fight fire with fire — جنگیدن با اسلحەاى كە دشمن هم ازش استفادە میكنە براى جنگیدن با تو

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Traductions de « Fight fire with fire »

allemandFeuer mit Feuer bekämpfen
allemandmit der gleichen Münze heimzahlen
Explications :
bulgareклин клин избива
Explications :
danoisGive igen med samme mønt
françaisCombattre le feu par le feu.
françaiscombattre le mal par le mal
Explications :
grec (classique)Ήλω τον ήλον εκκρούειν
Explications :
grec (classique)Ήλω τον ήλον παττάλω τον πάταλλον
Explications :
hongroisSzeget szeggel
Explications :
italienUsare la stessa moneta
Explications :
latinClavum clavo pellere
Explications :
latinClavus clavo pellitur
Explications :
russeКлин клином вышибают
Explications :
serbeKlin se klinom izbija
Explications :
slovaqueklin sa klinom vybíja
slovaqueKôl sa kolom vybíja
slovèneKlin se s klinom zbija
turcAteşe ateşle karşılık vermek
ukrainienКлин клином виганяють
Explications :

« Fight fire with fire » dans des paroles

I love ugly girls!
Two-star hotels are warm
I love ugly girls!
Fight fire with fire
I love ugly girls ooh ooh
I love ugly girls!

Max Boublil - I love ugly girls

Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me

Don't fight fire with fire
If I'm screaming, talk quieter
Understanding and patience

Justin Bieber - Change Me

Tonight I feel like kissing your lips
Tonight I want to fight fire with fire with you
This ballad, just for the two of us
with faith of my longing it`s written

Šako Polumenta - Ballad for two

Take my soul back
No matter if it's heaven or hell
Your breathing behind my back
On the shore but not with me
Take my soul back
No matter if it's heaven or hell

Mot - Oxygen

Fight fire with fire
Bursting with fear

Fight fire with fire


Metallica - Fight Fire with Fire

This is the time of my life,
Underneath these stars,
Dancing with a broken heart,
Fight fire with fire,
The truth to a liar
I'm going higher,

Delta Goodrem - Dancing With A Broken Heart

We got a reason to keep holding on
Tomorrow has become today

You said fight fire with fire
Through desire
Through your desire

Scissor Sisters - Fire With Fire

We've come too far in this to see
All we ever do is bleed

When we fight fire with fire
When we cross the line, ayo
Maybe happy ever after's ain't for us

Illy - Papercuts

And I can make you love me
And I can make you love me

You wanna fight fight fight fight fire with fire
You’re gonna burn down
Youre gonna fall in love with my world full of lies

British India - I can make you love me

Let them don’t love us, let them call us sinners,
Even if they run toward us they won’t reach us![fn]It’s a Bulgarian expression – means that whatever one does he won’t make it better than me or something like this[/fn]!
We’ll stand above insults and malice forever[fn] We won’t fight fire with fire, we won’t give you back the same[/fn].
Even if we inhale poison we will exhale love!

Tania Boeva - Excuse us that we are happy

Since it's this game that you play
Fuel the flames of the pyre
And I will burn higher, burn brighter
fight fire with fire

You think by now

CircusP - WILDFIRE!!

Apathy is our new messiah
The word made flesh
You can't fight fire with fire

Architects - Naysayer

Now it ain't the end of the world girl
You'll find your place in the world girl
All you gotta do is stand up and fight fire with fire

In the end no one is innocent

Gossip - Fire With Fire

There's just no purpose, there's no reason why

The barbwire fence is gettin' higher and higher
We're gettin' ready to fight fire with fire
It's gettin' so there ain't a kind word said
But we gotta keep movin' on, pushin' on ahead

Brian Setzer - Barbwire Fence

No escape, no escape,
please pray this is just a dream. (Just a dream)
Fight fire with fire,
this is coming clean, coming clean.
These are the words...

Of Mice & Men - Purified

So Imma fight
Fire with fire (eh)
Fire with fire
Imma fight fire with fire (eh)
Fire with fire

Sonny Court - Fire With Fire

The seconds are ticking and time's slowly slipping away
The stakes getting higher, fight fire with fire again.

Casting pearls before the swine

Yngwie Malmsteen - Casting Pearls Before the Swine

All on my own I'm trying
To change how you see and what you believe
To fight fire with fire and live eye for eye
We'll all end up blind and burning
Burning, burning

Hanson - I Am

Enough this display is highly repulsive
And frankly far too ego indulgent
This misappliance of science indeed must retire
But for the time being I'll fight fire with fire


Falconshield - This Is War 5 (This Is Wardles)