Lacrimosa - Flamme im Wind (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Flame In The Wind

A weak candlelight
Out there at the door
Fighting for glamour and warmth
You - the light of my life
A flame in the wind
My laughing face appears in the mirror
The breath passes away
Then it sinks down into darkness
Silent - mute
Figures in winter
I lick my soul sore
A call lights up the night
Expectation covered with hope
But solitude folloews the silence
Sobering becomes resignation
Static monotony
There's no second call
This candle in the snow
Too weak to stay alight
My shape becomes part of the night
Breath veils the reflection
In the mist there is a silhouette
Just like then - it returns
I'm stripped 'til the skin
Foreign eyes start burning wounds in! my flesh
I feel my yearning grows
In the storm I feel my hope e ncrease
However, that is all that happens
The snow's dancing around the flame
The sparkie now is dull
There's no warmth anymore
My body's conqueed by the ice
My light disappears.
The dream will never end
Desire never dies
There's still a waiting for
The body lies still in the snow
Waiting for the sun
Hands are open
The smile on the face never fades away
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