Any modern ROCK French songs?

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Im american and have been studying french but i still want to learn outside of school. Rock is my favorite genre. Any french rock songs u know? They don't have to have translations.

Je suis americainne et j'ai etudiee francais mais je peux apprendre en plus d'ecole. Le rock est ma genre preferee. Toute chansons que vous connaissez? Ils n'ai pas besoin de traductions.

Aussi, si j'ai des erreurs grammaticales dans mon français, s'il vous plaît dites-moi. Merci. Regular smile

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Em...I could tell you Noir Désir, a damn good damn, they have stopped now but their songs are still great especially L'Homme Pressé. There's also Indochine, a band created in the 80's, still working, and really great one.

From the 2000's you can also listen to Izia and Madmoiselle K.

Correction : "américaine" (accent* and only one n), "étudié" (you're a girl, but with avoir, there's no need to mention, with a double e) "en plus de l'école" instead of "en plus d'école", "mon genre" (it's masculine) "Toutes" (plural). The last sentence there are 2 solutions : either way, you're talking about the songs and you write "elles n'ont pas besoin de traduction (d'être traduites is even better)" or you're talking about yourself and you write "je n'ai pas besoin de traductions (or: de la traduction).

Hope I helped you Regular smile Keep on studying French, I know how complicated is this language so don't worry about the mistakes you've made, they're not big ones Regular smile

*OK, I've just realized you don't have accent on your keyboard, so it's just for you to know about them x)

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Thanks. :]

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