Dear Slovenians & Macedonians - help needed with Balasevic's lyrics

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I have somewhat specific request.
Our singer-songwriter Balašević wrote humorous piece of music (song 'Soliter') where he describes unstable situation
in Yugoslavia in 1988.
The song:

So, every verse is dedicated to one of the Yugoslavia's six nations:
- Macedonians ('good Southeners')
- Montenegrins (from second floor - but they see themselves as first),
- Serbia with Kosovo & Vojvodina (those two sub tenants are demanding their rights),
- Bosnia (sevdah - folk songs),
- Croatia (one eye looking to the West, another at the Mediterranean),
- Slovenia (we are far too south for them).

Now, I speak only Croatian - but, of course, I understand Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Slovenian.
Unfortunately, I don't understand Macedonian. What I need is a translation of the first verse (dedicated to Macedonians) into Macedonian. Can someone help me with that, please?
So the first verse is this:

Naš soliter je super
brat je na glavi bratu
al da krenemo redom
znači, na prvom spratu
žive dobri južnjaci
znam ih samo po faci
i po pesmama.

You can stick to original lyrics - or you can use some liberty, use the imagination and do a poetic translation.

Now, for Slovenian (the last verse). I'm not skilled in that language, but I can understand it, so I took some liberty and it goes like this in my version:
[I]A na šestem nastropju
Vsi so nam v nasprotju.
Če se vprašam malo
Ne vem kaj bo ostalo
Od nebotičnika.[/I]

Can the original speaker of Slovenian correct this lyrics or add his comments regarding the translation?
Thank you!

Also, if someone (from Slovenia and Macedonia) wishes to translate the whole song into their languages, he can post it in the Translation's sections.
But, I would really want to have the first verse in Macedonian done - and my Slovenian version checked.

Thank you!

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Here's the first verse in Macedonian.

Нашиот облакодер е супер,
секој брат му виси над глава на братот
но, да тргнеме по ред
значи, на првиот спрат
живеат јужњаците добри
нив ги знам само на лик
и по песните.

Повели и другпат.

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