Friendship betrayal

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Hi there

It would be great if you guys could help me find some songs about the "friendship betrayal"? All what I've been good to come up with so far turns always around "love betrayal".

Thanks so much

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Songs on that theme are pretty hard to find, apparently.

There is This song of Queen's where Freddy Mercury feels betrayed by his former friend and manager. It's mostly a vindictive rant though.

I was so surprised to find so few song on that theme that I did a bit of research. Can't say I found much.

There is a metal band called "betrayed by a friend". I suppose you might find something there, but I can't bring myself to listen to that kind of music Regular smile

This song is addressed to a former friend after a betrayal.

Not yet on LT, but this one is about a double-faced friend

I'm curious to see what else will come up.

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I thought of one song, though there is an air of cliffhanger--if I could use the term in a song--as we're not sure how it ends LOL. The song is titled "Amigo, the Decision is Made Tonight," in German by Julio Iglesias. A read of the text, and you'll be able to decide whether this qualifies.

The opening lyrics are:

Red wine and beautiful women, in the tavern.
And Carlos, who was my friend, sat by me.


If Russian is allowed, what about this one? It's about betrayal of trust, but since the 1st stanza deals with love I suppose the 3rd must be about friendship. Or at least it can be interpreted that way. Anyway, I can hardly think of a better depiction of the effects of betrayal.

The first deception? You wander in the fog
But the second deception has you swaying drunk
and the third deception, it is darker than night
It is darker than night, it is more terrible than war.

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It is about love, not friends


why the stanza about the war then? Just a fight between lovers or something?

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Do you mean this one?

А как первый обман на заре туман,
а второй обман закачался пьян,
а как третий обман он ночи темней,
он ночи темней, он войны страшней.

It’s about love, not friend’s betrayal, sorry

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Sorry, the stanza about war, still not about friend betrayal, but thanks for reminding us this awesome song

А как первая война да ничья вина,
а вторая война чья-нибудь вина,
а так третья война лишь моя вина,
а моя вина она всем видна.


Oh well, another illusion of mine goes in a puff of smoke... The song is still great nevertheless.

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Don’t blame yourself
The song is really great, no БС

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What about people who betray someone with his/her best friend? Does that count? I know it's love betrayal, but it's also a friendship betrayal. Or are you looking for pure friendship betrayal songs only?

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Pesnya o druge - best friendship song. The Russian artist went through all of it - i can feel it through his voice.

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If "thinking about betraying a friend" also fits your subject, there's this gem about a guy fantasizing about his best friend's girl:

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