Hello everybody

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Inscrit·e le: 28.06.2012

I'm AlmaSofía, I'm Venezuelan.
I love languages, I've already translated 3 songs and I'm looking forward to translating many more, and learning a lot from you.
I love music, this is gonna be fun for me Regular smile
Hasta pronto!

Retired Moderator amoRaЯoma
Inscrit·e le: 29.06.2011

Bienvenida y gozar

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Inscrit·e le: 28.06.2012

Gracias Regular smile

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Inscrit·e le: 22.04.2011

Welcome to LT! Enjoy your stay here.

Inscrit·e le: 30.06.2012

¡Andalé! A que tía bien maja!! Regular smile

Senior Member Japanskrasiva
Inscrit·e le: 09.03.2012

Bienvenido a LT.

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Inscrit·e le: 14.04.2012

I hope I`ll transl8 so many songs n be given thx a lot! Teeth smile
Heh! Tongue smile
Hasta luego...

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