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Hey, guys, is the weather very hot now there where you live? It certainly is in Romania at this point.
Here are four songs meant to bring on the rain. A Romanian song, a Hungarian one, a Serbian one and a Native American melody.
Can you show me songs from your countries meant to bring the rain?
Let's see which is the most effective in bringing the rain and the most refreshing one! Tongue smile

  1. Paparuda (Romanian)
  2. Add már, Uram, az esőt! (Hungarian)
  3. Prizivanje kise (Serbian)
  4. Calling Rain Native American flute music
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Inscrit·e le: 19.05.2008

You're songs have certainly helped here in the Netherlands... it's pouring rain like crazy Sad smile
Maybe we could swap? I'll give you some rain if you give me some warm weather! Teeth smile

Inscrit·e le: 21.01.2010

Yeah, it worked here too... partly.

The temperature dropped from 38 (on Friday) to 26 (today, Sunday). It hasn't rained yet where I live, but it rained in other parts of the country.
Anyway, do Dutch people have such songs there? Or do they use Balkan-Carphatian-Pannonian ones?

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Inscrit·e le: 19.05.2008

I'm not sure, I only know children's songs about the rain in Dutch...

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Inscrit·e le: 22.04.2011

Greetings! This one isn't from America, but it's a song that reminded me of this topic:

Rain Dance by Adiemus

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Well, does this song work? I thought it never rains (rained) in Africa Tongue smile
Anyone got the lyrics? We might find someone to translate them and see why this song rarely works. Regular smile

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Inscrit·e le: 07.10.2011

In the Netherlands we have a band called Kane and they have a song called Rain Down On Me. Maybe it helps?

Inscrit·e le: 21.01.2010

Yeah, heat wave has returned, so we need more cooperation, guys! Bring on those rainy songs!


And I've found more:

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Inscrit·e le: 19.05.2008
jesse wrote:

In the Netherlands we have a band called Kane and they have a song called Rain Down On Me. Maybe it helps?

I totally forgot about that one Teeth smile

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I don’t know if I can help you, but I’d like to submit a strange custom that until the middle of the twentieth century has been kept in a few Sardinian villages.
During periods of drought, the peasants of these villages marched wearing masks, carrying a wreath of periwinkle and singing this song:
Maimone, Maimone,
abba cheret su laore,
abba cheret su siccau,
Maimone laudau.
(Maimone, Maimone, the cultivated field requires water, the dry field requires water, Maimone praised)
And as they passed, the devoted people replied: Isperamus chi Deus bos intendat! (we hope may God hear you!)
It’s doubtful who was this Maimone. For some it can be the pagan god Dionysus Mainomenos. For others the Arab daemon Maimun.
More likely it’s to be identified with the "Mammon" who is spoken in the Gospel. Mattew 6,24: “You cannot serve God and Mammon” (another name of Ammon).
In this case it is clearly a residue of the Phoenician religion that survived for a long time in Sardinia and coexisted with Christianity, due to the proximity to Carthage.
Surely he was a rain divinity, since still today “maim” means water in Hebrew.
Elderly people still remember this song and it must have been more widespread in ancient times since, in spite of the prohibitions of the Catholic Church, it has been kept until the last century.
Of course, after they built the water works, dams, artificial lakes, aqueducts, this custom were given up.
Recently some people tried to revive the ancient rite:

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