Song for Jolly Gathering (歡聚歌) by New Formosa Band

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Inscrit·e le: 01.07.2012

Sorry, I don't have the lyrics, but it's a song in ?Hokkein / Minnan / Taiwanese? from the movie Chinese Box. Can anyone get hold of the lyrics and translate? Great song...

Inscrit·e le: 29.06.2012

Hello. Are you talking about this song?

This song consists of both Taiwanese (台語) and Hakka (客家) language.
Lyrics found from the internet:

Inscrit·e le: 01.07.2012

Oh, wow, yes!!! Thank you!!! I'd been looking for the lyrics for MONTHS! Thanks a bunch!

Homo Sapiens
Inscrit·e le: 04.03.2013

here is the english translation

"NA I YA LU WAN NA..." got no meaning, it's the way that the Taiwanese aborigine Beinan tribe sings, they usually sing it time after time, higher & higher...

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