Where is humanity?

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Today , I checked that humanity is dead ,
Today , I checked That good people have disappeared
Here , in syria , Every day we die , We have seen things , We have not seen before, no't even in Holywood movies , Murder, torture, rape, and theft
But the thing that hurts us, that the person who is killing us, is the person who was supposed to protect us
and no one cares!!!!!!!
here , Children go to jail, before entering school , coz He asked only for freedom
here , prisoner wishes to die to remain in prison for 2 Hours , Because he will be exposed to more and harsher and more violent methods of torture ,coz He asked only for freedom
here , Injured person prefers to die in his home to go to government hospitals, because he will die there in the most horrendous ways , coz He asked only for freedom
here , We are still being killed a year ago and three months , Our government says that the terrorists who are killing us , And everyone believes them, do you know why?
Everyone knows the truth , But you force yourself to believe the lies of our government, for international interests that we kill for it every day ,
Russia sends heavy weapons to our government, to kill us, and everyone knows that, but everyone closes his eyes
America says we will help the Syrian people, but talk without action
Where is the human conscience?
Where are human rights?
Where are you people?
No one can hear the screams of the Syrian people
No one can hear the screams of the mother, when she sees her child die of hunger in front of her
No one can hear the screams of the father, when he sees his son being slaughtered in front of him with a knife
No one can hear the screams of the brother, when he sees his sister being raped in front of him
Just as no one hears me, when I was screaming
My brother was being tortured in front of me, the harshest and most violent types of torture
He had wished a bullet between his eyes
Were slaughtered with a knife rusty, after all the torture
and no one cares!!!!!!!
Dear humans, or Dear (who pretend to humanity)
I wish you to hear my words
We desperately need you
Please, help us
We are not terrorists, we are human beings like you
We are not Islamic fanatics, we are human beings like you
Help us
God bless you
Help us
We need you , We need you

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Salam! What I can tell you is that good people have not disappeared, but unfortunately we feel powerless ourselves. Your situation reminds me of the one of my native country some 30 years ago, when I was a child and the communists almost destroyed our opposition.
What I can tell you is: the whole world is watching you, your suffering will not be in vain!
Our prayers are with you, since we believe in one God, the righteous, too!

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We have a saying in Romanian: "God, protect me from my friends, because I can protect myself from my enemies".
I sent your message to 10 Romanian members of the European Parliament, but I'm afraid nobody really cares about anything.
Other states (within or without international insitutions) only intervene in foreign states if there's something for them to gain.
Some of the things you talk about happened in Romania too in the communist times and during the so-called revolution (December 89), but I see no "human" (not "humane") solution in Syria and I'm afraid neither do European politicians.
Syria agents fire at protesters near UN monitors
May God help you.

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Thx very much calusarul , no one can help us , exept u God
Protect us God

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Syrian diplomats expelled from countries around the world

Britain, France and the US join co-ordinated international action after massacre of more than 100 people in Houla

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Maybe you will tell me crazy now, but I believe that nwo is near. In a german reporters book he said that all the famous revolutions of the last years (Yugoslavia, north Africa and more) were started not really by the people, but from a "revolution company", yes, a company (one, the same everytime) that was payed for beginning revolutions in different countries! The media have a yearly meeting after 9/11 in US (a conference called "History makers", do you want me to explain you it's name, what it means for the truth in the media???) where they became their orders what to show us (and people believe them! Pure propaganda the important news in western media...). They want to create George Orwell's "1984" and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" in real! I think that this is not fantasy, the web is full of facts. I'm not really sure if this is true, but the arguments of the alternative reporters makes me believing them easier than the "official" medias their news. At the official medias for years now I became always these strange feelings of "missing some informations", with the facts of the alternatives I can feel "filling up" these holes... I think that the alternative reporters must have right. But, please, create your own oppinion of this Regular smile

With this comment I didn't want you to be shocked or to make you fear, even to believe me! But I want you to search, not to sleep (as they want), but to be awaken and to have open your eyes and open your mind. Be open (but critical, too, even for my comments!) for every possibility and check it up, for 'not to be the fool', if a "cannot be possible" possibility is the real truth in the end Wink smile

@Kais Alkhateeb: I pray for you and your people. I'm sorry for the bad experience you had to make, but I'm believing, too, that nothing is for nothing!
It's in your hand to make the best of your experience. Somehow I know that you' re not alone. Maybe it sound stupid, but be thankful even for this bad things happened to you and your people. Maybe it's not time yet for this, but in the end find a way to learn something from this.

This prayer did help me in difficultly situations:
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference."

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Marinos , I am agree with you.
This is such a serious theme. I, as a future historian, I can say that the experience of all the coups in the past 20 years has shown that the revolution did not take place because of the desire of the peoples of these countries (although it certainly was), but because of outside influences.
Everything happens for one scenario: a dictator in a country that does not respect the rights of citizens, then followed by military intervention, and in fact it has only personal goals.
Yugoslavia ( for example) was torn apart and I am ashamed of my country's position in 1999....

As for Syria: God help you, peace to you

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@ Natoska: Nice (not really, better the biggest conspiracy in history ever were a fantasy scenario of some stupids) to hear of a scientist (even in future) that my thoughts are not so crazy as they seems! The same (german) reporter said (with facts) that the terrorist organizations in the world (Al Quaida, Raf in Germany, November-11th in Greece and so on) are existing in order of whomever, but not for themselfs reasons! ("Al Quaida" means nothing else that "the list", a CIA list, the group was created by the CIA first! If A.Q. were a "real" terrorist group, haven't must it name have a deeper meaning than "the list"???).

I'm standing at a point of understanding now, where I don't still believe, that all the "dictators" are really bad politicians, I think more that they want too much things FOR their people, than AGAINST the plans of the conspirators and that's why they are showned so BAD in the media, and everybody believe that these wars and revelutions and stocking up of police/military are good and necessary!

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You're right,Marinos
Also the media has a very big impact of on people's minds: people are divided into good and bad... Аny cruelty is justified under the guise of protecting democratic values ( In my opinion) .This is a policy/ We (the common people) dont know a lot of information

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It's a very big subject with a lot to talk about it. The guys "over" us in the pyramide of power don't care much about us and our life (only a very few), so each one of us is responsible to learn about our future and to make what ever he can do to guide history in a human way. As I say: first and very important step: be and/or keep on awaken!

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Im agree Wink smile

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I do not believe in conspiracy theories.
Rich... powerful... influential... disagree on things as much as we do.
There are and there have always been foreign influences in any social organization (nation state, federation, empire), but you need to have the people living within some borders that some things can be done or not.

Yugoslavia wouldn't have been torn apart if people living there had liked each other and didn't disagree on language, religion and other issues. The same goes for the USSR.

The population of the USA is probably the most eclectic in any nation, but they share common values. There are problems there too, but most of the people there don't hate each other because they have a different religion or different skin colour.

Anyway, guys, my opinion is that there are always nuances, there are no good or bad/evil people (except for Hitler, Stalin and a few other dictators). Yes, there are people who take decisions which influence all of us, but they are human too, sometimes they make mistakes, their decisions are sometimes good for some people and bad for others, but those who take those decisions are not part of conspiracies unless we think that everyone conspires against the other ones. There is competition, the competitors are more or less visible, but no conspiracy. We can see/trace who and why s/he takes a certain decision in a certain context with a certain goal.

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It is your opinion , you have right
Yugoslavia is a special theme.
The theory of brotherhood of the South Slavs did not sustain itself on the strength.
Of course religious and cultural differences of Croats, Bosnians and Serbs have affected the country's disintegration, but foreign intervention made this break is much worse and bloodier. I've studied a lot of material on the subject, so I can speak with confidence. Regular smile
I wrote about the events of the last 20 years.
Probably Hussein, Milosevic, Gaddafi were not very good governor, but the people of these countries have to decide their destiny , not other countries.
I do not believe that someone is care about the rights of Serbs, Croats, or Libyans...

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Florin, we have talked a little bit last time and I can say that you must be a very "OK"-guy and you're really very sympathic to me! I don't really know you deeper, but it seems to me, that you didn't have employed more with world history than with a few famous dates and names everybody learns (or not Regular smile ) in school (like me, too). In the last 4 years I'm reading in a history book set of 38 books (the set is telling the history of mankind from the known beginning about 5000 b.C.-Mesopotamia-Egypt-Greece-Rome-the peaces of Rome's Empire after them and so on and all this in form of a story, like a movie, with every important detail, sometimes from day to day! Now I'm reading book No. 15 about Europe 1580-1650) and I can tell you that no (really no) new evolution in mankind's history came without conspiracies! The bad thing about conspiracy theories is that they are not theories. Think about one thing: if you were a conspirator, would you were happy about the truth or about the lie? Wouldn't you were glad about people who believe that the bad things you've planed are only a conspiracy therory? And don't forget that they are controlling the big media companies.
And again: I don't asking you to believe me, not at all, but just don't be calmed about the things they left you to know and begin to open your eyes (and mind, too) and search alone for facts and then deny them, if you want. All this in the end to have created your own truth!
Maybe it will help you understand what I mean, if you realize that 5% of mankind makes history, 20% of us understand how became the changes in history and 75%(!) do not understand nothing at all, they are sleeping (I learned this much before I started to find out that some c."theories" must be true). This is my argument, why conpiracies are really working! The bad people are using this fact and people's "not liking each other" to split them. If they were good, they would try to show them that there are a lot things on both sides they could unite them! In other words: someones puts water to close the fire and someone else have fun (and interests of it) to add oil Wink smile

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Well, Marinos, you are certainly right. I would just not say that I am completely wrong. I really don't know that much about history.
But let's bring on some nuances.

First of all, I am aware of some conspiracies like Eteria, which played a part in Romanian history as well.

Now, assume you and I are playing chess. We both have our strategies, but we don't tell each other our strategies. So, keeping them secret, would those strategies be conspiracies?
I'd paraphrase Einstein and state that I do not believe in a general / unified theory of conspiracies. There are always secrets. States, companies, people have secrets, but (I am addressing an open question to you now)

what makes those secrets turn into or be called conspiracies?

I know that states and/or military organizations fight for resources (killing the main one: people) and/or territories and they always have a hidden agenda or say they want to bring democracy or prosperity to an area while thinking of taking advantage of that region and the people living there? But is that conspiracy or hypocrisy?

I don't think we disagree that much, but we see different nuances.

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No, Florin, we really don't disagree that much, but be calm: since not so many years ago I didn't knew so much history as today, too. Regular smile I saw the world (I think) with yours nuances Wink smile I didn't believe in conspiracies at all (like you). But I turned my thoughts and believings many time since then Wink smile

Chess: in a game for fun I wouldn't tell that you have a conspiracy there.
But in another way, chess is a war game. I don't think you have a conspiracy there, too, because you know that there is a enemy who wants to destroy you.
Conspiracy is when someone makes you believing that he is a friend of you (or better that he don't even exist), he is filling you and other people with lies. When these one is a member of your civilization (=teamworking), but he's ill in searching for power over you, your democracy, your family, your friends, your life etc. and when he makes anything to keep you and your people happy in "well sleeping (in life)"!
Did you read Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"? My wife gave it to me, because it was a big part of her Master in University, it's great literature (I can recommend it to you! ...and not only for studying conspiracies Regular smile ) This week I learned that Huxley's brother Julian was one of the main worker of Eugenics in US who inspirated Hitler, Dr.Mengele and so on in "racial hygine". Google Eugenics and find out the relelationships between Europe and USA, between past and present, WWF, Bilderberger, Nazi regime and so on...!
You'll see and be shocked while and after reading the book how close and similar is our present life to the world of "Brave NW"! Aldous heself talled that his book based on the real life work of his brother and his "friends". So, it's not "just" fantasy, but the story of their plan!... Didn't you realized that in school generally they teach you only how to be a good worker, how to have and keep a job, to be competitive in the job, nothing elemantary about LIFE (and LIFE in my eyes is much more than only money! LIFE is MAGIC, did you ever heard anything about MAGIC in LIFE at school or university??? Maybe except a few courageous teachers. They want you to be a robot.)

If the states/governments/militaries are making some secrets things with the target to have good results for the people that payed/elected them (and only for defending), it is strategy. If they make things only for themself or their illegal bosses, then in my oppinion they are conspirators (in Italy they call this kind of groups "Mafia" Wink smile )!

And tell me: is there really a difference between conspiracy and hypocrisy? You must be a hypocrite to make real a conspiracy, isn't it?!?

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