A fost iubire (traduction en anglais)


A fost iubire

N-aveam griji nici averi,
Zi de zi ma luai de mana si plecam spre nicaieri
Ma doreai, te doream,
Nu-mi pasa de clipa care va urma, eram a ta.
A fost iubire sau pur si simplu m-ai placut?
Vino si spune-mi ca ti-a trecut.
A fost iubire si daca a fost azi unde e ?
Te rog pe tine vino si spune-mi orice...
N-aveam chef sa vorbim,
Mi-ajungea sa-ti vad ochii si atat, nimic mai mult
Ai ales sa dispari,
Dar acum vreau sa vorbim si de ce nu, incepe tu
Te-as ruga sa te intorci si sa-mi spui macar atat
Iubirea mea, ce-a fost a fost....
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Don't cry cause it ended, smile because it happened. Regular smile

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Was it love?

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We had neither worries, nor riches
day by day, you grabbed me by the hand and went nowhere
You wanted me, I wanted you
Didn't care about the moment that came, I was yours!...
Was it love or you simply loved me?
come and tell me it's over.
Was it love, and if it was, where is it now?
Please, come and tell me anything...
I had no guts to talk
It was enough to simply see your eyes and nothing more
You chose to disappear
but now, I want to talk and, why not, you start...
Please, just return and tell me just that:
My darling, what it was, it was!...
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