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Because this album’s title is „Freiheit“ (freedom)
Many will ask what freedom means to me
What a great feeling
What a great expectation I feel
What a great responsibility, what a huge burden
To explain what Freedom is to me, what a huge hurdle
I can only add a small part to it
One cannot limit freedom, you need to breathe freedom
Freedom, freedom
Is the only thing that counts
Freedom, freedom
Freedom means to be the way I am, freedom, for me, is making mistakes like a child
And if it needs to be I’ll fall over
But I’ll get up again, freedom says don’t hesitate but run
If you know what you want, then do it, if not then do it, too
Freedom means speaking free, liberate and remain free
Break down walls which have been errect by the fear to fail, have courage
Freedom means even to disappoint, to meet your own expectations
Instead of meeting other’s expectations
Freedom is to make decisions
From time to time freedom also means to have the freedom to change an opinion
Freedom means that there’s a sense to it sometimes
That my freedom has to end where the freedom of someone else starts
But freedom can never be abjuring our rights
To live according to it, to aspire to it and speak about if freely
With my lyrics I can only add a small part to it
One cannot limit freedom, you need to breathe freedom
Freedom, what a huge word, I heard that you are limitless
Nevertheless, many people do not know you, they fight for you
Some by speaking, being silent and praying, others with weapons
Because there’s no other perspective
You different for everybody
So it’s even more paradox when politics negotiate to get you
You’re the right, you are what everybody deserves
Nobody should have to plead for you, nowhere, never
You’re so imtimate and personal, like the innermost wishes and dreams
But only few put them into practive
Some really believe that they could buy you
Others run 10.000s of kilometers through desert because they believe in you
Migrants leave their country only for you, in hope for you
And some still do not find you
Sometimes I sacrifice a part of you to get other parts
And sometimes I have to part to experience more of you
Because you are freedom
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