Frightened Rabbit - Scottish Winds

  • Artiste: Frightened Rabbit
  • Traductions: croate

Scottish Winds

Come gather in my lungs Scottish wind
Belt out your blackest poems as the sea around you sings
When the drone takes to the air a single note to raise my hair
Carry songs beyond my lungs cold Scottish winds
Come fall upon my shoulders Scottish rain
And dissolve all of the worry that has hunched this back of mine
Let the hurt run down the drain to the reservoir
And one day I'll add a drop of my old worries to a dram
Gather heavy in my lungs Scottish wind
All the fag smoke in the ether of the grouse that clips your wings
And I will cough just like my granddad and his grandpa before him
Oh blow youth into these lungs old Scottish wind
Come burl around my body Scottish blood
I'll try not to spill a drop, I'm sure you've spilled enough
And the English fucking rule will mean nothing to these towns
Run forever in my veins bold Scottish blood
Bring a whisper to my mouth soft Scottish winds
Just enough to say I love you to the girl that keeps me sane
And take the stupid things I've said and blow them miles and miles away
Thank you in advance Scottish wind
Thank you in advance Scottish wind
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