Game over

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Traductions idiomatiques de « Game over »

One's number is up
Explications :
Done for
Explications :
Изпя си го (ти)
Explications :
Fin Del Juego
Explications :
espagnol #1, #2, roumain
Laul on lauldud
Explications :
ille ute
Explications :
Песенка спета
Explications :
Гаси свет
Explications :

Sens de « Game over »


Something has ended unsuccessfully

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« Game over » dans des paroles

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Jamais Vu

I think I lost again
You look mad
In a blur, game over over over

Baekhyun (EXO) - Psycho

That's right the psycho taking me over (Game over)
I'm psycho I'm psycho, he's talking to me
That's right the psycho, and i give in (Game over)

Cali y El Dandee - I finally found you

I surrender and say to her: you can be my lover
I release the brake
I give her a look and she gives me game over
And I can't go on like this

Duncan Laurence - Speelhal

Van jou houden is een verloren spel

Ik heb je spelletjes niet nodig, game over
Haal me van deze achtbaan

Duncan Laurence - Arcade

Loving you is a losing game.

I don't need your games, game over,
Get me off this rollercoaster,

Akdong Musician - Re-Bye

I’d rather say a short and simple goodbye
Tightly shutting the door to my heart, leaving my room completely dark
If your true feelings get revealed, it’s game over, I have to deceive you
I can smell it from here, it smells suspicious

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Jamais Vu

I think I lost again
You look mad
In a blur, game over over over

NCT DREAM - Ridin'

Now I'm gonna face the screams towards me
After a long wait, I light the fire
When I crank up the engine, it's game over

Culcha Candela - Monster

I just two, three or four drinks at the bar
Mentally I was already close to Game Over
Suddenly I see this awesome chick

Red Velvet - Sunny Side Up!

I don’t wanna break us

One mistake it’s game over (Easy)
I like it how it is now, not yet (Not yet)

Reynmen - Voyovoy

Fazla uzun sürmez birkaç güne kaybolur
Bu bir cinayet ve suç ortağım Reyn olur
Ve şimdi oyun bitti artık game over.

Cali y El Dandee - Enfin je t'ai trouvé

Je m'approche et lui dit "you can be my lover" (2)
Je lui fais lâcher prise
Je lui jette un regard et elle me donne un game over
Donc je ne peux pas

Steven Universe (OST) - It's Over Isn't It

I was fine with the men
Who would come into her life now and again.

I was fine 'cause I knew

VideoGameRapBattles - Pikachu vs. Eevee

Your Trainer's too big of a dumb Ash to evolve you

Game Over!
Choose your Pokémon!

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Jamais Vu

또 져버린 것 같아
넌 화가 나 보여
아른대는 Game over over over

DIVINE (India) - Kaam 25

Mere jaise ek, tere jaise chhatis hain
Kaam 25 hai, kaam dhaam 25 hai
Bole to game over!

Duncan Laurence - Spielhalle

Dich zu lieben ist ein verlustreiches Spiel

Ich brauche deine Spiele nicht, Spielende - Game over!
Hol mich von dieser Achterbahn runter

Tiagz - They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo)

Stop, what was I waiting for?
Imma take over (Imma take)
It’s a game over (Game over)
Don’t even bother (Don't even bother)

Cali y El Dandee - Alla fine ti ho incontrata

Mi consegno e le dico puoi essere la mia amata
Le allento il freno
Le lancio un'occhiata e mi da il game over
E così non posso

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Жамевю (никогда не видел)

Тто чёборин кот катха
Нон хвага на поё
Арыльтэнын Game over over over