to get high

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to get high (anglais) — to get drunk by using alcohol; to use drugs to become intoxicated, to alter consciousness; to feel very happy or very excited.

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to get high — Alkol ya da uyuşturucuyla sarhoş olmak, kafayı bulmak, uçmak

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russeЛовить кайф
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turcKafayı bulmak
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makes you automatically the most beautiful in Greece
Aide I have to find strength
to come to talk to you, say something to you
I have to drink to get high
maybe I succeed and come to you...

Konstantinos Koufos - The most beautiful in Greece

Come to decide that thr things that I tried
Were in my life just to get high on

When I sit alone come get a little more known

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)

Sing it for the people like us, the people like us

Oh woah oh oh woah oh
You've just got to turn it up loud when the flames get higher
Oh woah oh oh woah oh
Sing it for the people like us, the people like us

Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us

Подскочи и усили баса, йо,
защото моето време дойде, усили баса,
те искат да го правят като нас,
защото ние сме високо[fn]английска игра на думи, to get high означава и да се напушиш с трева[/fn], да, ние сме високо и сме весели,
оо, нека да не говорим за това, което имах,
оо, ти разкри паролата ми,

Era Istrefi - Бонбон

If you want to die
Or if you want to chill
Even if you want to get high
Whatever happens, take a pill
The first I take against depression

Lindemann - Skills in Pills

Beautiful people , good tunes , let's get dirty

Pop the champagne , everybody has some
It has to get high in my own way , let's party
My people have to dance and dance and dance
Tonight I'll make you crazy , we bounce , we bounce , come on

K. Maro - Crazy

In Rostov the hashish is so chick
Like a very large seal is the size,
In Moscow bloody good sniff,
In Chelyabinsk is better to get high.

But in Peter- to drink! In Peter- to drink!

Leningrad - In St. Petersburg - to drink

While we burst of this distressing pain,
Which tempts to open the stomach.

Thus we anaesthetize ourself alone, to get high appease us.
Of course we would like to rise but your world decreases us.
Welcome in the heart of the uneasiness, created by your stratagem,frozen the peace died, its corpse found under the snow.

Keny Arkana - Echos

Maybe a large plane will take them back.

And the face, different eyes
To get high and finally land
From the blow, breaks the arm
Isn't sad

Ivri Lider - The New People

Buy me Coca Cola in the middle of the night.
Ah-ah, ah-ah.

<em>What do you need to get high for,
When your baby’s so to die for?
Quit your job let’s make a ride for it,

Lana Del Rey - Us Against The World

I win in the long run

I saw your crime
Dying to get high
Two of a kind
Beats all hands tonight

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Universally Speaking

Let's get high
Let's get high
Let's get high
Let's get high

Og Spanish Fly - Smokers paradise

Or English Breakfast
When I'm hopped up on caffeinated Chai
I'm feeling the buzz
And when you asked if I liked to get high
I already was
It's black or green or in-between

Emilie Autumn - Medicate With Tea

It's good to be king, if just for a while
To be there in velvet, yeah, to give 'em a smile
It's good to get high, and never come down
It's good to be king of your own little town

Tom Petty - It's Good To Be King

[Pre-Chorus: DJ Dahi]
I said I'm geeked and I'm fired up (fired, fire)
All I want tonight is just to get high up
(All I want is, all I want is)

Kendrick Lamar - LOYALTY.

‘Cause how can you not show it,
When even you know that you’re so,
To die for, to die for?
What do the need to get high for,
When I have you, when I have you?

Lana Del Rey - All Smiles

Said, "It's really been a while,
And I still think about back when.."

We used to get high on the first kiss
We could get by with sweet tea and Jesus
And you can love like a sinner and lose like a winner

Taylor Swift - Sweet Tea And God's Graces

Fake me a smile
Fake your affection, baby.
For you to get high,
to gain my reaction maybe.
And you think I'm divine.

Jesus on Extasy - Direct Injection

[J Cole Verse]
Baby you all I need to get by
You fly, so you're all I need to get high
You got it? so put ya number in this camera phone
And we can live like the camera's on

Elle Varner - Only Wanna Give It To You

I'll be easy to be found
Unleashed, attacking
I'm ready to get high
Everytime I go out
I'm so delusional

Djavan - Any love

Man, Don't cha hate it when you ain't go no weed
It seems about tha time you really feel tha need
To get high, get full, you know get blasted
Keep ya singin' tha high it really lasted
Rollin' around tryin' not to get stopped

Harlem Underground Band - Smokin' Cheeba Cheeba

The Amazonian connection was cut
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

And you want to get high without money and you think everything is alright
But brain food will never placate anyone's hunger
An involuntary pilgrimage could perhaps be the solution

Legião Urbana - Amazonian Connection

Weeds blow tall on a broken train track
Ruth B. draws we're fixin' to get high
Maybe we'll hit the bluffs and find ourselves the same old rum

Kings of Leon - Talihina Sky

I've got to unwind.
I, need a good time,
I need to find love,
I've got to get high.
You've got the passion,
To feel inside,

Chicane - Offshore '97

Givin' on a romance....

I believe that this was inevitable,
Because I know she wants to get high,
On lo-ove,

Reckless Love - Romance

Dacă viața e grea și oamenii se complac,
Tu vrei să ai lumea ta și vrei să uiți că ești sărac,
Trage au<fn>au is Romanian onomatopoeia for showing pain</fn>... , trage au... , trage aaa... aurolac<fn><a href="">aurolac</a&gt; is a substance used for painting metals that homeless or street children also use to inhale in plastic bags in order to get high</fn> !

Sarmalele Reci - Aurolac

You been in yo' bag like Birkin
Never had it like this before me
You ain't know girl better read up on me
You trying to get high, gotta re-up on me
Bein' stuck up gon' leave you lonely for the night
We should leave before the lights on girl

Kid Ink - Body Language

But there's no regard for The One who has it
And everybody wantin' grabbin'
But you gotta get it from above where they stash it
You can try to get high, you can feel alive
But the reality, your soul dry
You gotta find anybody with a better high

Lecrae - Blow Your High

You want to be high when you are young

When you are young
You want to get high
When you are young

Håkan Hellström - The House Sparrow When She Sings

I'm going back to the earth

The only explanation for a high rise
Must be that everybody wants to get high
And move on up
To a deluxe

Jason Mraz - Back To The Earth

This is the life, the way, the way, the way
This is the way, the way, the way, the way

It's flies on my eyes, surprise, time to get high
6, 5 you're the right eyes, now bitch get your own guy
That's right, go to Shanghai,

Wynter Gordon - TKO

Good times around the corner

I'm gonna live 'til I die
I'm gonna live to get high

New Order - Run Wild

Who said we got to go slow
Turn down the lights, and watch my private show
You got a ticket for all
To get high, we got to get low
Because this is your private show

Little Mix - Private Show

With the hope placed in a few cans
and the eyes nailed to the pavement
dragging sandals or barefoot
driven crazy with beer and glue<fn>I don't get the exact meaning of glue here but I guess it means they use it to get high instead of a drug</fn>

The horizon always tilting

Daniel Melingo - Be the Same

Princess die high
Princess high die
Where's my stache?
Want to get high guy
I need my
Have you seen my

Lady Gaga - Stache

baby i be on my grind
rain sleet snow
rollin up good every place we go
cuz we tryin to get high (get high) get high (get high) get high
Know the bullshit and all the problems
but we to gone to see

Mac Miller - Senior Skip Day

I want to get high - so high!
I want to get high - so high!
I want to get high - so high!
I want to get high - so high!
yo hits from the bong
yo hits from the bong

Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High

Come here and sit down on my arm, butterfly
Show me your wings I’ll show you how to get high
I know it’s late
And you want to leave

Pati Yang - Pretty Fin (Keith Tenniswood Mix)

Cried so much I could not believe
She was the same girl I fell in love with long ago

She went in the back to get high
I sat down on my couch and cried
Yelling oh mama please help me

Hootie And The Blowfish - Let Her Cry

I hate it and it has to die
I look longingly at birds
That leave us in flocks
Are we here just to get high?

My last residence is fall - my eternal call

7раса - Fuel

I scream at myself when there’s nobody else to fight
I don’t lose, I don’t win, if I’m wrong, then I’m halfway right
Used to get high with the dead end kids
Abandoned houses where the shadows live
I never been higher than I was that night

Linkin Park - Halfway Right

Let me tell you about the bitches that I be chilling with
Told me nobody love her and so she cut her wrist
Not enough for the hospital but cut it close
That's why she want to get high because she's feeling low
Told me pour me a vodka, pill and little smoke
So I could numb her insides and we will never know

Wale - The Girls on Drugs

For those who go out fresh, homies under the summer's sun
A can in hand in the hood, let it be winter or summer
Then the follow-up, guys on the run, chasing, hit and run even under influence
For those who in order to get high, blast the sound in their ears
And screw the PS2 all night long to get to sleep
For those who knock out the crazy way

Mafia K’1 Fry - For those

Get your dreams just right
Then let ‘em slip away
I might sleep all day
It’s too late to get high now

Counting Crows - Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood)

Chamran, Hemmat* and Guerrillas?
what do you guys say?
i'm words and pain, what do you say?
was that me who wanted youth to get high and smoke marijuana?
Use your smoking pipe and smoke* again and again
to all of your questions

Hamid Sefat - Che*

I'm trying to get a fill, plus this club a little weird
Ain't nobody got no grill but they snortin' our dollar bills
All kinds of girls off in the club, I don't discriminate
I'm just a nigga that get high and put dick in your face


Juicy J - Let's Get High

Mountains that I climbed and the spirit that is in you
And then the wind changed and the way he would hitch you
Days grew colder, got a lot older
Tried to get high but I still feel sober
Friends and my girl kept calling me a loner
But what they didn't see was that I really was alone here

Shahmen - Strangers

Tried to get high, but you wanted me low
Good things are happening, but happening slow
Some kind of mystery from long ago

Finally know who I'm supposed to be
My mind was locked but I found the key

Norah Jones - Flipside

What you know about Tim
Top down, the Aventador, 4 AM
On the sunset strip
Trying to get high at the sunset, baby don't trip
Hollywood lights, Miami nights
I'm on a motherfucking binge

Timbaland - Know Bout Me

Other flowers are blossoming more colourful

Like the bees I want to swarm
Want to get high of glowing grapes
Want to cool down in the lilie's whiteness
Rest in the bushes' night

Karoline von Günderrode - To Serve One and Only One

Tell me now
that you really like the show
Tell me now
that you really want to get high
Tell me now
that you really like my style, oh

Ryuuuu - secret

come on in, don't be afraid,
join the Cult

[fn]the whole verse is full of nonsense, but sounds rather funny in French, with school kid party pranks depicted as epic tales[/fn]Hippo[fn]a guy's nickname, maybe a diminutive for "Hippolythe". Appears to be a shortening of "Hippocampe" (sea horse) as he's called that later in the song. Sounds just like Hippo in English (the big fat African beast)[/fn]! A polite hippie, funny guy, likes to get high[fn]"pipe" could be, well, a (smoking) pipe, but also a blow job[/fn] in bed
A friend of the beat, equally skilled in bullshit and in sex,
he can handle his madness, a loner, sturdy and proud.

La Secte Phonétik - Welcome to the Cult

Jaimito[fn]Pet name for Jaime[/fn], the dealer, never gave anything,
not a little here or a little bit there.
But if you wanna to get high, you'll have to pay.
And in this city, everybody now says:
"Hey, guy, do you want to take a ride with me?".

Albert Pla - The most brutal side of life

its ruling strict hierarchy

We command you to make party
to get high because of us
and if you have to pee the just let it go

Deichkind - Command from down below

Xzibit turn your SUV into a casket
Melt your body parts in a tub full of sulfuric acid
Drastic measures we take just to get by
for all the shit you gotta go through to get high
Stand by, do or die for the West coast
Wanna fuck with Xzibit but can't come close motherfuckers

Xzibit - Get Your Walk On

Slowly circle in the drain, throw it all away
Just to get high, just to get high
Circle in the drain, throw it all away
Just to get high

Nickelback - Just to Get High

So many ways to get high
So many ways to get high
So many ways to get high
So many ways to get high
So many ways to get

Pop Evil - Ways To Get High

Pour yourself a last drink.
I want you to end up sprawled on the floor
I want to get high [fn]or possibly get laid[/fn],
to enjoy the mood.

Therapie Taxi - Idyllic coma

Cause all they want is my name, put they don't get the point
Bitches hiss so flirty
But you're not the bottle of wine
This little bitchy lady wants to get high

She believes that pussy controls the world

T-fest - One thing I knew

Deep in the mind of a big time fiend and you'll see
Good and bad times
Your real life scene turns into fields of sick dreams
Using anything to get high sicko
Will you come back or remain trapped?

Psycho Realm - Poison Rituals (Pow Wow)

I've got Reggae ...

Ain't stop the music, cause I
Were a needer, to get high
Ain't stop the music, in your life
Cause I can feel it, make me fly

Supermax - Reggae Fever

[Verse 2]
Ferris Wheel, give rides
The scars healed in time to get high
Lock the doors and hide the keys
Let's go describe how to climb a tree

Atmosphere - Camera Thief

To house the chosen few
Like an Inca from Peru.

If you want to get high,
build a strong foundation
Sink those pylons deep now

Neil Diamond - Like an Inca

I ask you for a slow ride
Going nowhere
You look like Satan
You ask me if I want to get high
Couple of bags down in old town
You tie your arm and

Everclear - Strawberry

It's time to get high
(Time to get high)
It's time to get high
(Time to get high)

Docenterna - Time to Get High

A snowing, freezing night
I see you wear no shoes
But you're standing on the street
Hoping to get high

You with the chapped hands

Ellegarden - Bare Foot

this aint no flex zone yes
this yet to be known
High high we don’t need
no pills to get high

이미 우린 하늘 위에 떠있지

Grace (South Korea) - Zombie High

Damn motherfucker man I need to get high

Stand motherfucker man I need to get high
Still motherfucker man I need to get high

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - someplace else unknown

New York!: Feel like dancing, ain't got no time to lose
L.A!: Don't need bags, only bring your dancing shoes
Paris!: Ooh, la, la, they don't need the reasons why
London!:There's music all around, enough to get high

Hey, what's the time of day?

Harlow - Take Off

When all I want's to feel numb
But the medication's all gone
Why, oh, why does God hate me?
When all I want's to get high
And forget this so-called life

THEORY - Rx (Medicate)

It's fucking chaos in here

I'm good to go, got my girls in tow
I've been waiting all week to get high

Forget the plans, with your man, at your hand

Heidi Montag - More Is More

We're going back and forth
Laughing rough just because
It's my reward and I wanna to get high
Higher than the ozone
Let me smoke 'til I die

SWIMS - Lovers Like You

Every day when I think about us
I know that I can overcome all difficulties
To be close, to do everything with you
To get high and help when it's slippery
And there's no space for unclean moves
Number one, I guess it's obvious

Verba - Stay close

To be the one that takes us all to a higher place?

Don’t you want to get high?
Come on and get high


Dommin - Outer Space

Still in the same race paper chase she is gasping,
Heart broken so many times you would think she got more then one
She asking, for another drink and one more line
She gon ask for about a thousand times cuz she like to get high like
A mountain clime she clashing,
Between her body and mind the connection is lost

Laylizzy - Modern Casualty

I want to get high
But I'm so low
Only one thing left to do

I'm feeling low but I want to feel high
All my gold i would give for a smile

Culcha Candela - Big Fat Smile

But I don't think any parent would give their
daughter a name so low
And about this extra paraphernalia
You say you're carrying to get high

That won't take you anywhere you want to go

Stevie Wonder - Ms. & Mr. Little Ones

But he hasn't got the money and he shouldn't
To be serious
He'll have to catch me in use
To get high about a couple of things
That'll make him shut 'em up

Homeshake - Serious

Your love's just like a movie with the ending of brand new
It goes on and on

I just want to get high
I just want to feel free

Mystery Skulls - Higher

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it
'Cause I've got no reason to lie, yeah
Forget your problems that don't even exist
And I'll show you a way to get high, oh yeah
Oh yeah!

Black Sabbath - Thrill Of It All