Djogani - Hej tugo moja (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Hey my sorrow

One hundred and one reason I have
to come to your celebration
and order our (song)
while you are giving her what is mine
I want to remind him with the song
whom he used to love til yesterday
Hey my sorrow
look how I am singing
in my place, all in white
I am watching other woman
Hey dear godfather
you are keeping the wedding ring for her
and I sing and celebrate
like I am marrying a friend
You didn't want my ring
to pinch you, to annoy you
to lose it and not know where it is
It's late*
other woman wanted to listen to me
too cook for me and wash my dishes
Cheer and sing and get drunk
and climb on the table, break the glass against the wall
when your turn comes
merry for some of my friends and call me
and we will be even
I am coming to your celebration
to ornament musicians
when you start kissing her
so they don't see me crying
What is mine now is hers
play (the music), let it hurt stronger
*Lit: fast train has passed
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Hej tugo moja

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