Hypnoosiin (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Into Hypnose

Into hypnose, you are falling into hypnose
and the base goes into bones and intestinals
Into hypnose, you are falling into hypnose
you fall into the rhyme and rhythm 2x
Your head lapses but your feet get free
you cannot sit, you follow the beat of the drum
I take the lead I take you there
where the most inner is, there is the hiss of your soul
and the spark of hopeless longing
Now you too can feel it, you do feel it.
Soul Captains on the bench of the spelman
There is lots of work for the servant of the rhythm
we devils from Finland fumigate with boogie
I want to hypnotize the whole nation,
change the direction of it's footsteps
Slow the tick of the clock even a little
A human cannot bare without peace of mind
You run pass your happiness when you race
How can your culture handle a storm?
If your connection ends in the roots,
you need to trust in the luck of the gamer
Chorus 2x
I want to sing this for our children,
who look around with wonder.
Whom will get dizzy from the rolling
yep, i am singing this to y'all
And I am swinging this in your loudspeaker
yes, I come to you in voice
We are in front of an ultimate question
but when you dance, you cannot be wrong, i say:
Chorus 2x
Even the strangers will tune to this rhythm
then captain is just rolling stones
Your head goes into hypnose,
you get stuck in my fingers,
you won't wake up until i snap my fingers.
Well, now i am rolling the spinningtop of hypnosis
With wheelbarrows i am carrying styles
Ä-ni is the chef when I am keeping busy in the kitchen
and I am going back for more quality and pepper
I've got the ball, I turn it into dirt.
Then Antti is again speaking in the loudspeaker
Straight into your ears I am directing my words
the direction is straight, when I bring this to you again.
You can't help but to trust when you are promised,
walk along when being lead,
when rowing, it's not the time to back water
Let's bury your worries and head to the open waters
Into hypnose, you fall into hypnose
Antti Nopsajalka is also telling that
Into hypnose, you fall into hypnose
Jukka-poika is also telling that
Into hypnose, you fall into hypnose
Just admit it.
Into hypnose, you fall into hypnose
yes, fall, fall, fall, fall, fall
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