Reinhard Mey - Ich frag mich seit einer Weile schon (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

I've been asking myself for a while

Your little head held back to look up to me in question
Your tiny, warm hand in mine, that's the way you walk by my side
That is, actually you have to run rather than walk
As for one of my steps you need three
And breathlessly you're telling me all occurrances
Thoughts and stories that are crossing your mind
You don't oversee anything on our way and show me tiny things
I haven't seen for ages
I've been asking myself for a while
Who's teaching whom here
Who's making class to whom about life
Up to this day I thought
That I was the one
Now I see more and more
It's not me
I've stopped worrying about my rent a long time ago
Nothing will ever stop you, no threats and no tip either
Today I miss something if I don't hear anything thundering, breaking or splintering
And a day without ruins seems boring and odd to me
In the evening I love sliding away on your mumbles
Taking in bruises and your laughter
I need your turmoil because irrevocably
In your chaos my untidyness doesn't show off
The door of your room flies open and you come shot in
Like a kind of flash and turbulences besides your way
It's like you've just opened up a door
Through which I can seen into a less troublesome world
I stand up from my work just after having begun
And while you hear me saying "Don't disturb me", I think:
I've never done my work so easily
And I've never done it so happily as since you disturb me
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Ich frag mich seit einer Weile schon

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