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bang up

Publié par neslim.han.7 2015-01-20

Traductions idiomatiques de « bang up »

jemanden in den Knast bringen / einlochen
Explications :
Foutre en taule (quelqu'un)
hapse atmak

Sens de « bang up »


Put in prison

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« bang up » dans des paroles

EVO+ - [A]ddiction

Don’t take your love away.
Wake up, make up, BANG BANG!

B.G. - I Keep It Gangsta

It ain't no secret that b.gizzle gonna do his thang
Nigga run up then you know im gonna let it rain
What ya forgot im bout that shoot em up and bang bang
Beef get clackin click clackin my nigga all that

Cartoon Songs - Spider-Man

Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Wherever there's a hang up

HyunA - Blacklist

Don’t fucking shake your feet
Fuck you bitch, slowly bow your stiff head
Ey don’t you dare, be careful, ba ba ba bang up
This is my last warning, I’ll tell you straight up, I don’t like you

LOBODA - Fool's Bullet

Bang! Bang! Bang!
And I'm your target
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Without delay

EVO+ - [A]ddiction

Не забирай свою любовь
Wake up, make up, BANG BANG!

Amedeo Minghi - Go Away, Love

your name will be on a billboard that does advertising
on the road for me and I, with my nose up,
will bang my head always there, always,
you, a little bit longer,

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well
Live fast, die young
Bad girls do it well

Giorgos Zampetas - Yes siree

I want a moment there to come up
whatever holds me down bang up
slip off crippled

SF9 - Summer Breeze (yeoreum hyanggiga nal chumchuge hae)

Let’s giddy up Giddy up
Giddy up Giddy up now
Bang Bang Bang
Let’s giddy up Giddy up

Karol Conká - I rocked up

If it's to rock
Then I rocked up
Bang bang

MTM (Egypt) - My Mother is Traveling

And the party was full to the brim in a second

Bang-up music, it was all Dance,
rap, house, rai and trance

Fatal Bazooka - Nocturnal bad faith

Yes you have reached Mika's answering machine, please leave a message after the beep
because if you leave it before, bah it won't work
dial your secret code and finish with "12"/ "gang bang" ("partouze" = gang bang// terminez "par douze": finish with 12. It is a pun)
[Fatal's answering ]

Major Lazer - Jump Up

When the sound bang we gon party
Til the sun come, oh aye!

BIGBANG - La la la

More than their gaudy movements,
You'll come to gain a more natural groove
Urin We're Big Bang (big bang) up in here!

MOSCOW 17 - Moscow March

Man'll, Man'll, splash him with a passion
Ding dong whip or the ding dong ped
Pull out, hop out, bang it (bow)
Them man they're known for the rapping

SF9 - Summer Breeze

Let's giddy up, giddy up
Giddy up giddy up now
Bang bang bang
Let's giddy up, giddy up

Ayesha Erotica - Make U Cum

Flip it around, make him fuck you
While I suck you I know I'm cocky
Anal, gangbang, and bukakke

EVO+ - [A]ddiction

Don't take your love away.
Wake up, make up, BANG BANG!

SpongeBOZZ - Plankton Weed [TRIGGER WARNING - Rape, Violence, Explicit]

[Part 2: Patrick Bang]
I'm Patrick Bang, tougher than Guantanamo Bay
A neck breaker, your neck breaks like Saddam Hussein