poles apart

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Traductions idiomatiques de « poles apart »

weit auseinander (Meinung usw.)
wie Katz und Maus
Explications :
(as) like chalk and cheese
Explications :
like night and day
Explications :
wie Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Explications :
Polos opuestos
Explications :
Diametralmente opposti
Explications :
Come sole e luna
Explications :
Agli antipodi
Explications :
Cómm’o sóle e ‘a luna
Explications :
تفاوت از زمین تا آسمان
Explications :
на разных полюсах

Sens de « poles apart »


very different; far from coming to an agreement. (alludes to the distance between the north and south poles)

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многу различни. далеку од заеднички договор, согласување. (контрастот се однесува на оддалеченоста помеѓу северниот и јужниот пол)

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« poles apart » dans des paroles

Jireh Lim - Different Worlds

this song is meant for you
i hope you will perceive
even if our lives are poles apart

Malú - Black and white

I give you my love, I give you my life
I give you the sun whenever you ask me
We're not perfect, we're just poles apart
As long as it's with you I'd always try,

Adele - Skyfall

Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart1
Where worlds collide and days are dark2

  • 1. Skyfall is the home of Bond’s parent’s estate in Scotland, where he saw them killed. It is a dramatic contrast with other locations, such as the vivid, colourful Shanghai.
  • 2. In Skyfall, there are repeated references to the shadows, where agents like Bond and Silva do battle. “Worlds collide” could also reference the conflict between old-fashioned physical espionage, represented by Bond and M, and hi-tech sabotage like Silva prefers. There is also the collision of M’s past (her betrayal of Silva) and her present (ordering Eve to take a shot that endangered Bond’s life).

Emin - If you are next to me

It seems, between us miles of ice,
And now we are poles apart.
Somehow, we even will deal with this,

Stas Mikhailov - Don´t call, I don´t hear you

(Verse 1):
I loved you, I gave myself away,
And now we´re poles apart!
You don´t hear me, and you´re already not breathing

Vitas - Skyfall

Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] - VV-ALK

We did not see eye to eye
Their point of view is nothing new
We’ve been completely poles apart
And had no time to rewind

AWS - SkyAndEarth / Burn field / Being poles apart (See my comment on the title)

There’s blood in my mouth,
but this is just an appearance,
I’m waiting for my redemption,
I’m searching for the answer.

Pol 3.14 - Bipolar

Live near the sea
I remember how you said I was a freak
And we were poles apart

Architects - Discourse Is Dead

Two beating hearts, two poles apart, whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh
No common sense left in these empty heads, swimming towards the storm
Two beating hearts, two poles apart

Pink Floyd - Poles Apart

Did you know
it was all going to go
so wrong for you
And did you see

Danna Paola - Our love

Your bad temper and your lack of sympathy are like dynamite,
an explosive mix for both of us.
Poles apart, faulty. Perhaps it's
our total lack of sense and reason what makes us dream.

Mei Tai - Unforgettable Memories

The memories of you and me 
Should be the same
A short distance away, and yet poles apart  
Why can’t you see? This body is already haggard

J.Belkin - There we go

And I'm not in dirty businesses.
When I'm not with you its because I'm with my mates.
We are poles apart [at very different or distant points of view] and that's why we like each other
What else can we do if that's the way we fell in love for each other?

Ana Cristina Cash - SKYFALL-Cover

At skyfall
Skyfall is where we start
A thousand miles and poles apart
Where worlds collide and days are dark

Fettes Brot - 3 are 2 too many

Boris, one never sees you as good-humored as today, do you have fun bugging us?
Believe me, one can see it, but I am so cool that people are catching a cold just by looking
The two of us are poles apart
Be afraid because my rimes are coming out until you are feeling dizzy

De/Vision - Love Will Find a Way

Wait not for you and me

We're poles apart
But still, we are the same