On the right path

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Close to achieving something or taking the right steps to achieve something.

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Sekot virzienam, kas, visticamāk, vainagosies panākumiem.

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« On the right path » dans des paroles

Maher Zain - Keep Saying Allahi Allah

That You always hear my prayer

Walk on the right path
Don't hurt anyone

Ahmet Aslan - I Don't Show Gratitude

For the rose flourishing in heat I don't show gratitude
I don't know arabic or persian*, I don't show gratitude for language
I follow The Most Graceful on the Right Path*
For the way Satan preaches I don't show gratitude

BEHM - Carnivals

Where others can't call us out
I'd rather not admit that I don't know
If we even are on the right path

Maher Zain - Allah Our Master

Add in our faith and inculcate kindness in us
Alla Allah we pray to you ,answer our prayer Oh our Master
Stand us on the right path,watch over us and educate us the Holy Quran
Allah Allah we need You to answer our prayers

Burcu Güneş - I Don’t Show Gratitude

For the rose growing in the heat … I don’t show gratitude (to the rose)
I don’t know Arabic or Persian … I don’t show gratitude (to the languages)
I follow The Most Graceful on the Right Path
The way Satan/ the oppressor preaches, I don’t show gratitude (to Satan)

Unknown Artist (French) - Look at the star

If you follow her, you've nothing to fear!
Look at the star, appeal to Mary
She leads you on the right path!

Once Upon a Time (OST) - Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine

Some say “let it go!”, but I say “hell, no!”
I’m finally on the right path

Frozen 2 (OST) - Into Unknown Land

Do you just want to create chaos so that I'll fail fatally?
Or are you perhaps someone who feels like I do?
Someone whose heart says, "You're not on the right path"

Max Korzh - Do not make it up

You smiled the same way, but the years are behind.
So what happened in the end?
I am still sure that I am on the right path.
Locked in myself, but it's not like that, believe me

Stray Kids - ON

Hop on

To find the right path go on the journey of 30,000 languages
As expected, home is the best

Nico Collins - Alone

21 years and he’s on the right path
But sometimes he wonders if he grew up too fast

Ásgeir - Summer guest

the joy of spring for me.
Over the great wide ocean,
always - flies on the right path .

Vüqar Sübhan - Ay daddy vay*

Life slowly goes on and on
I am on the right path
but whatever I do, I am still at fault

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Lost

You know
There is a reason for all this frustration
I believe that we’re on the right path
Once we begin to look for it

Hoshi - Walk or dream

To lay our hearts to rest

You know, to be on the right path
You have to know what to put behind,

Lujipeka - Forever

Will we be brat forever?
On the right path, I made thousands of curves
Will we be brat forever, forever, forever?

Sébastien Pintiaux - In your steps

Don't forget:
The white light of your heart
Will lead you on the right path!

Stephen Marley - Rock Stone

[Stephen Marley:]
Listen me now
Jah believer, i'm just fine, on the right path,
not stumbling like yah when walkin the street ,

Josh A - You're Not Alone

Wish I didn't view the world so bleak
Always wear my issues on my sleeves, like
You think that you're on the right path 'till one thing goes wrong and your vision goes black
Your body goes numb and you think on the past

Danay Suárez - Leaving the world

and do not under His words.
The Divine Scripture exists the benefit of man,
for those that want to walk on the right path.
A weak mind in the voice of a strong leader can call upon troops