Snitches get stitches

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  • Expression idiomatique: Snitches get stitches
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While technically a threat to physically harm (stitches) anyone that would inform others of something secret (snitches), it widely used as a warning rather than a threat.

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« Snitches get ... » dans des paroles

Necro - Snitches Get Stitches

Catch you in the street and get biz
It is what it is
Snitches get stitches
You define what a bitch is

A Day At The Fair - Side Talkin

I wasn't raised like that, didn't learn the game like that
Y'all be taking the stand, look we don't bang like that
Snitches get stitches, it's part of the code that we livin'
I'll be ? slippin' then we turn to religion

Bloc Party - Team A

I'm gonna ruin your life

See we ain't at school, snitches get stitches
You might be fast boy but I'm faster than you

Laylizzy - Txi

All I’m thinkin who I’m gon’ sweep
What you thinkin? I ain’t no snitch
Snitches get stitches snitches die quick
To this spitting shit I’m gon’ stick

Three Loco - Neato

Neato, burrito, hold the chorizo 1
Snitches get stitches, shout out to Lilo 2
Fuck cocaine, my cock's like a kilo 3

  • 1. a type of sausage
  • 2. reference to Lilo & Stitch, an American TV show
  • 3. a kilogram, a common unit for measuring quantities of drugs