to stand tall

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Traductions idiomatiques de « to stand tall »

aufrecht stehen / unbeugsam sein
To walk tall
Explications :
Hold your head up.
Explications :
arabe (autres variétés)
رافع راسه
arabe (autres variétés)
فارد نفسه
Başini uca saxla
hodati uzdignute glave
Ir con la cabeza bien alta
Marcher la tête haute
Explications :
Fel a fejjel!
Explications :
A testa alta
Explications :
camminare a testa alta
Explications :
Eik iškelta galva.
با اعتماد به نفس قدم برداشتن / به خود مطمئن بودن
Idź (przez życie) z podniesioną głową.
a fi cu nasul pe sus
Explications :
с гордо поднятой головой (идти, жить)
Выше голову!
Explications :
Biti ponosan
Ићи уздигнуте главе.
gå med huvudet högt
Başını dik tut.

Sens de « to stand tall »


to be proud of yourself and confident of your abilities
ex. For the first time in living memory, we have a leader who can stand tall in international gatherings.

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Magkatiwala sa sarili at sa sariling angking galing

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да бидеш горд на себе и да веруваш во своите способни и во тоа дека си достоен за предизвикот

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dik dur, kimseye boyun eğme

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« to stand tall » dans des paroles

Old Norse & Viking Chants - This said my mother

a swift ship and of a pretty oar,
to journey away with freebooters,
to stand tall on the prow,
steer a worthy merchant-ship,

Sólstafir - Bewitching hour

In death's cruel claw, grief struck at the thread.
I miss you already and bid farewell my love.
I try to stand tall, knowing I'll end alone.
Because the black hatred in our hearts is our lord.

Michael Bolton - When I'm Back On My Feet Again

And I'm not gonna crawl again
I will learn to stand tall again
No I'm not gonna fall again

Emma Marrone - Luck

And to see more clearly
like lightning that feels like a smile,
it doesn't help to stand tall to touch the sky with one finger
Everyone said "she's crazy"

Berguzar Korel - I learnt from you

You were not here, I learnt to be alone
I learnt to stand tall against sorrow like a wall;
Just as the words of a vanished language

Satoko Shimonari - Flower's Whispering

When I want to cry
I can possibly burst into tears
But I still have to stand tall
With this flower deep in my heart

Cheloo - Crazy as fuck

Up, side, down...

Learn to stand tall, look right into your enemies eyes,
They want us all to be stupid, that's the plan.

ZICO - Balloon

Just for one day, I'd like to go high
I feel so small, I want to stand tall
There isn't a particular color I want

Kalank (OST) - First Class

There might be millions in love (lovers)
But you seem to ,stand tall amongst all
But you seem to ,stand tall amongst all

A Little Princess Sarah (OST) - Flower's Whispering

When I want to cry
I can possibly burst into tears
But I still have to stand tall
With this flower deep in my heart

Ela Mangion - Marchin' On

Live on, yeah
Whether you're big or you're small
You got to learn how to stand tall
Tear down each wall

Tangled: The Series (OST) - Ready Now

The course has been set, I'm on my way

You've got to stand tall or bend over
It's a choice which seems simple to me

Yiorgos Yiannias - Singular

My pride is trying,
To stand tall in front of you
Even if my broken heart is freezing

Rosenstolz - I Am Me (We Are Us)

I have been able to walk for a short time
I have lost my balance
Still I am able to stand tall

Dok2 - AM 3:00

Moment of silence, pay my respects to the vets so may we keep vibing
My man Peejay in the cockpit yeah we Rhyme Bussin' like nothing
Dust emcees that like to stand tall but weak in the knees
Don't sweat the technique check-mate if you check me lyrical Jet Li

Nikki Yanofsky - I Believe

I believe in the power of you and I
I believe the time is right now
To stand tall and make the world proud
I believe together we'll fly

Rickie Lee Jones - We belong together

With one more way he can't play this scene twice
So you drug her down every drag of this forbidden fit of love
And you told her to stand tall when you kissed her
But that's not where you were thinking...

Twisted Sister - I Am (I'm Me)



The Twilight Saga (OST) - All I've Ever Needed

Every promise I made, has lead us up to this day.
Please remember my love, when you've forgotten your way,
And this ache in my heart, makes me want to stand tall.
I let them take me down, what if this isn't my fault.

Justin Bieber - Born To Be Somebody

This world can make you feel small (woah)
They will not keep me down (woah)
I was born to stand tall
I can feel it