to stick to (something)

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  • Expression idiomatique: to stick to (something)
  • Langue : anglais
  • Traductions idiomatiques / Équivalents: allemand, turc
  • Sens expliqué : anglais, français
  • Paroles contenant l’expression: 6 lyrics

Traductions idiomatiques de « to stick to (something) »

dabei bleiben
Explications :
anglais #1, #2
bagli kalmak

Sens de « to stick to (something) »


Example: "I stick to my guns"
Meaning: To persist in your beliefs, to continue what you already planned.

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Continuer ce qu'on a déjà prévu.
(Voir : Rester sur ses positions).

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« to stick to ... » dans des paroles

Atahualpa Yupanqui - Stanzas of the Prosecuted Payador

If you'll excuse me I'll get in
though I'm not invited
but in my field, a barbecue
is of nobody and of everyone.

Noize MC - Without us

[Chorus: Noize MC]
When all of my variables become constants
When I look at the world for the last time with the glass eyes
When my pupils go out

Alexander Rozenbaum - Bella

Then we were saying goodbye to each other, the nights were dark,
And I had to stick something into someone's side 1
But a special agent whom I knew from before

  • 1. meaning a knife

Marilyn Manson - New Model No. 15

I'm as fake as a wedding cake
And I'm Vague and I know that I'm Homopolitan
Pitifully predictable
Correctly political

Piccola Orchestra Karasciò - Creation Ballad

I’d like very much to come to blows with God,
I’d really like to come to blows with God.
A black eye, a split lip,
something that would stick to me.

Ismo Alanko - Let's move away

I'm going away away away away
Away from this country where your hair freezes to the floor
I'm going away away away away
Away from this city where your fingers stick to unpleasant things (ikävä could also mean 'miss' as in 'I miss you' so like stick to missing something)