You only live once (Y.O.L.O.)

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Im Moment leben
Explications :
The world is your oyster
Explications :
seize the day
Explications :
Live (for) the moment
Explications :
win the day
Explications :
изживей момента
Explications :
изживей момента
Explications :
viu l'instant / aprofita el dia
Explications :
Explications :
At leve i nuet
Explications :
Aprovecha el día
Explications :
Rikoltu ĉiun tagon
Explications :
On ne vit qu'une fois
Explications :
Ikhelte dro! - იხელთე დრო!
Explications :
Μια ζωή την έχουμε
Explications :
άδραξε τη μέρα
Élj a mának!
Csak egyszer élünk!
Explications :
Cogli l'attimo / Vivi l'attimo
Explications :
carpe diem
در لحظه زندگی کردن
Explications :
chwytaj dzień
Explications :
"Viver é inventar o seu Dia!"
Traieste clipa!
Explications :
лови день
Explications :
Samo jednom se živi
Explications :
Iskoristi dan
Explications :
Užij dan
Explications :
man lever bara en gång
Explications :
Anı yaşa
Explications :

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You only live once, so make the most of it.

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Μόνο μια φορά ζεις

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Bu dünyaya bir kere geliyoruz....

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« You only live once ... » dans des paroles

Marc Anthony - Live My Life

I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna dance
[I'm gonna] live my life, la, la, la, la
I'm gonna laugh, I'm gonna enjoy
live my life, la, la, la, la

Marc Anthony - (I am going to) Live my life

Monologue from video:
They ask me, “What is your legacy?” The search can be complicated but in reality it should be simple. I am a father, I am a son, I am a brother, and I am a friend. I am my music, and your smile. I am the streets of New York and Puerto Rico. I try to touch the lives of my people in the same manner that they have touched mine. I live to, in some way, leave my fingerprint [mark]. I simply… live.

I'm going to laugh, I'm going to dance

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Jump

(Let’s jump!) Throw your hands up and scream together, pump it up
(Let’s jump!) Throw your hands up and scream together, jumpin up
(Let’s jump!) Let’s jump
(Let’s jump!) Pay attention


A smell of tobacco and Chanel [perfume]
remembers me of her skin's scent.
A mix of honey and coffee
Makes me remember the taste of her kisses.

Anitta - Without fear

Bartender give me another shot
And this time let not be one, let be two
I want to scream until my voice goes
Because the life is precocious

Azúcar Moreno - You Only Live Once

If you don't want to bear it no more
And you want to release yourself
I'm gonna tell you this:
You only live once


Only you can shake me
When you sing to me like na na
Then I act a little coy
Hello hello, do whatever I want, hey

J Balvin - Positive

[Intro: J Balvin]
Michael Brun
J Balvin, man
You know it, leggo'

Zen Café - Really Beautiful

We would met at the times, when it is important,
that no one is disturbing us or telling us, what to do.
We would give a reason for eachother, for being silent.
So you would buy time, and I sell it.

Lenni-Kim - Yolo

Yolo yolo yolo oh oh
Yolo yolo yolo oh oh
Yolo yolo yolo you only live once!

Sidoine - You only live once

20 thousand ways to see the world,
20 thousand ways to hate it,
How should you get up if you fall?
More scared to live that to die,

EGO (Russia) - Forget the bully.

Mom said forget the bully.
Said little you did not forget.
I'll steal you again tonight.
Mom will be angry, so what?

Anna Maria Jopek - But I Am

I open my eyes: the world becomes
Heaven above me, in front of me - an orchard
The fragrance of green apples and their taste
And everything so simple like this.

Key (SHINee) - This Life

Every day that twinkled and the days that felt like movies
From everyone's embraces, the child that became an adult, I left
I put it in the deepest parts of my closet
The words I couldn't say on a written letter and the precious jeans I own

SDP - Unique

You can not see in the mirror, ıf you are beautiful
But everyone's talking to you
And sometimes you think they'll never understand you
But all they talk is sh*t

MONSTA X - Now or Never

Come, come, come, come, here right now
You need to learn from me
right now now now now
Untie those knots

EXO-CBX - King and Queen

The hard days I’ve gotten over to become stronger
Until I reach my destination
Tempt this path that’s connected to a new day
Don’t waver and continue, just go straight

Die Toten Hosen - You only live once

Your on your way to tomorrow
In the rearview mirrow you see the years behind you
No time to regret, nobody gives you something back
Don't turn around for too long - it's too late for it

Mónica Naranjo - You Only Live Once

Whoo, whoo, whoooah...

Only once...
You only live once!

Madsen - You Write History

Because the world turns so quickly,
Because time goes by so fast,
You just don’t keep up
Because the hectic pace doesn’t slow