İstanbul Saklasın Bizi (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Let Istanbul Hide Us

Her face extends my life
Her eyes are like coals, she's beautiful
Oh give me a hand, give me a hand so that
I can bandage my wounds
You may not be included to my share
I don't have the right to have you
Come anyway
Let me be the only one who's with you
Let Istanbul hide us
Let her knot us inside the Bosphorus
So that no one can see us, find us
I know, the sleeps we have
Violates the rules of life
Ask to the sea of this city how I feel
All the songs can't describe
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İstanbul Saklasın Bizi

Patricia PaulPatricia Paul    Mar, 03/07/2018 - 06:32

I love this song, the lyrics, the singers voice, most of all the very handsome leading man & the beautiful leading lady. My sister and I are from New Zealand, we have watched the series twice, even though there were no English subtitles. The actor's did a brilliant job, so natural we could understand throughout the series. You all portrayed the story brilliantly.
We are now both stuck on Turkish movies and TV Series.