It’s Time, 24K (traduction en anglais)


It’s Time, 24K

Everybody stand up
Everybody hands up 시간이 왔어
It's time, 24K
휘몰아치는 Music
치명적인 Style
두 팔을 벌려
음악에 미쳐
Follow my lead 다 같이
소리쳐 미친 듯이
모두 다 같이
It's time, 24K
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traduction en anglais

It's Time, 24K

Everybody stand up
Everybody hands up, the time has come
It’s time, 24K
Violently blowing music
Our deadly style
Put your hands up
Go crazy with the music
Follow my lead all together
Scream as if you’re insane
Everyone together
It’s time, 24K
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