Jibun ROCK (じぶんロック) (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: One OK Rock (ワンオクロック)
  • Chanson: Jibun ROCK (じぶんロック) 4 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, hongrois, italien, translittération
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My Own Rock

Can you be awake without remembering
What you believe in today too?
Like how when time passed, even your belief in yourself faded
You don’t notice this condition you have
The only prevention method
“I have to not lie to myself”
Like I’d forget it!
If I become someone else
Couldn’t it be like even though I’m alive, I just can’t find a reason for it!?
I got rid of the voice that wouldn’t become a shout
Screaming and singing until my shout’s heard loud and clear
I won’t stop ’til it reaches someone!
You’re rotating on even today
Never ceasing no matter who’s crying or getting mad
Even if I’m
Tested by getting sick, of course I won’t stop!
Because we’re continuing on without stopping just like life does
So, yeah, even today people don’t join their crumpled hands together!
Things forced to give up on somehow no one can do, right!?
Like, if it’s put to a stop, the next beginning will be cut straight away, right!?
Even if you’re being forced to raise the standard of what you think is a miracle
Still, at that point, that miracle must be those who you call irreplacable friends!
We are alive...
You going on...
Me going on...
(Nothing to you)
Without you...!
Like being told “no, no” over and over
Has no connection to the question at hand
Now, collect and store the important things on your own
Is it really like that? Not yet, not yet! There’s still time!
For now, sharpen your foresight
Protagonist’s just one person! The start of your own story!
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Jibun ROCK (じぶんロック)

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