Jonathan - Allison

  • Artiste: Jonathan
  • Album: To Love


Last night when I saw your face
Babbling on how the winners kill
I longed for a winter chill
Hell beside me, so that we could feel
What it takes, 'cause it's only been a while
So give me all, that I can take
To give up, to give up...
"We're all just a part of it..."
Don't just stand there, girl,
Let's swallow it,
"Come here so I see your face...."
Oh, Allison, don't hesitate, pick it up
Let's have it all,
More than this, more than this,
Please please please, some more of it...
Aha, ehe, aha, more of it, ehe, aha...
More than this, aha, ehe, aha...
More of it, aha, aha...
And break yourself, spit it all out..
Break yourselves, break yourself...
Aha, ehe, aha, self, aha, aha....
More than this, aha, ehe...
Self, aha...
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