Jump the gun

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Traductions idiomatiques de « Jump the gun »

brûler les étapes
бежать впереди паровоза
Explications :
Trčati pred rudu
Explications :
hemen başlamak

Sens de « Jump the gun »


To act too soon, or start too soon.

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Kumilos ng masyadong maaga

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Αγγλικός ιδιωματισμός παρμένος απο το χώρο του αθλητισμού. Παλαιότερα (πλέον έχει καταργηθεί) στους αγώνες στίβου το σήμα εκκίνησης για τους αθλητές ήταν ένας πυροβολισμός απο όπλο και όταν κάποιος παρέκαμπτε το σήμα εκκίνησης σημαίνει ότι ξεκινούσε να τρέχει πρίν ακουστεί ο ήχος του πυροβολισμού και φυσικά ακυρωνόταν ο γύρος. Μεταφορικά και ως ιδιωματισμός σημαίνει ότι κάποιος κάνει κάτι υπερβολικά νωρίς, χωρίς να είναι η κατάλληλη στιγμή, ότι βιάζεται πολύ και δρά παρορμητικά.

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زۆر بەزوویى دەستبەكار بوون
كردنى كارێك زۆر بەزوویى

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خیلى زود دستبكار شدن
خیلى زود كارى كردن

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"Старт/Скок ватреним оружјем" - Односи се на атлетику-"Краљицу спортова",као и на маратонске трке у сусрет модерним,летњим Олимпијским играма,приликом давања знака за почетак трке. ~>"Start / Jump firearms" - Refers to athletics, "Queen of sports", as well as the marathon race to meet modern, Summer Olympic Games, while giving the signal for the start of the race..."Трчање пред руду",еквивалентан израз,није у довољној мери сличан,с' обзиром на то да се примењује у случају кад нема сагласности у заједничким,активностима.Тако нема "синергије"(слоге) ни код запреге-спрегнутих(укошканих) крава(волова),раздвојених "рудом",којом се вуку кола или чезе(сулке или кочије),када су коњи у питању.

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« Jump the gun » dans des paroles

Transviolet - Girls Your Age

But then it beats like
You've got time to kill
Baby, don't go jump the gun
Live fast while you're young, honey

Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph

It's my testament to those burned
Play my position in the game of life, standing firm
On foreign land, jump the gun out the frying pan, into the fire
Transform into the Ghostrider, or Six Pack

widowspeak - Gun Shy

Lonely on the road at night
Lights so low and glare in your eyes
Jump the gun and you were too shy.

Cassadee Pope - Take You Home

Yeah, I wanna take you home

Oh I ain’t trying to jump the gun
Sure ain’t trying to make you run

Halestorm - Jump the gun

I jump the gun
Oh here I go again

Lord of the Lost - Kingdom Come

Let loose and jump the gun
Until our worlds collide

Djerv - Madman

Jump the gun, never-ending madness,
you know who's soon to appear
Your vote, you left it, you filthy scum,
I don't see why you are here

Josef Salvat - This Life

But I am here just for diversion
As are you
Don’t mean to jump the gun,
But we could have some fun

Adore Delano - Jump the Gun

Jump the gun, we got the boom, boom, bang!
Jump the gun, we got the boom, boom, bang!
Jump the gun, we got the boom, boom, bang!
The boom, boom, bang!

Chastushki (Russian Limericks) - Darling's Left to Join The Army

And told me to date no one.
I won't do it though I'm horny,
If boys call, I'll jump the gun.

Ricky Martin - Don't Ask Me Anymore

Whenever you want or when you need to
But you know that I can't love you like that
You are very tense, you jump the gun
That is why we are not together, when life is overflowing

Ann Sophie - Jump The Gun

Don’t make me jump the gun
Can’t convince me that you are the one, are the one
Don’t make me jump the gun

Gotthard - Jump The Gun

"Jump the gun" Katie
You know she jumped the gun!
"Jump the gun" Katie

Elton John - The Scaffold

The ruler says you run
Run hard unto the scaffold high
Your chance to jump the gun

Nabiha - You

To escape the feel of being outdone
You mock a line and then you jump the gun
Easy as when you blink your eye

Lloyd Banks - SouthSide

You niggas fallin' off! - I'm startin to feel like I'm responsible. {DAMN! }
Uuuuuuh! - The reason they won't respond to me!
Is all my niggas jump the gun? (oops!) - You sneeze and they stompin' you.
Back neck, knees and ya arms is too! (whooo!) {NON STOPS! }

3 Doors Down - Not Enough

Meet tomorrow today just to
Get ahead
Jump the gun on the run,
I’m the only one

Secondhand Serenade - Right Kind Of Crazy

Getting drunk at graduation while the band plays
How's it gonna be
Let's jump the gun, adventure waits for you and me

David Allan Coe - Rings Around Rosie

She’ll be mine given time
If I jump the gun we’ll be through
I love that girl with all my heart

Jana Kramer - Good Time Coming On

I hope he didn’t see me stare
Oh Lord here he comes
Well I don’t wanna jump the gun
But I feel like a good time comin’ on