Gackt - Kalmia (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais


I just gazed at the warped town from a distance
I couldn’t hear any noises
Many headless dolls are laughing
Returning to the sky*
Everything is returning to the sky
Even you are returning to your birthplace
While screaming out
Your shout into a flock of birds is…
Entangled like a spiral
Everything is disappearing
Until I caught the falling tears to the broken sounds
It ran down my body
The kalmia’s twilight becomes hotter until they melt together…
My laughter is like a comedy…
The twinkling dawn is sweeter than anyone
Sleep is disturbed by the sound of shattering glass
The cold moon cries
The last prayer is a drop of rain
The dawn’s goodbye is too sad for me now
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* The written uchuu, “universe,” is sung as sora, “sky.”

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