Karasu (カラス) (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: One OK Rock (ワンオクロック)
  • Chanson: Karasu (カラス) 5 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, russe, thaï, translittération, turc

Karasu (カラス)

黒い目の奥底は四面楚歌 嗚呼
泣いてるか笑ってるか ソレすら君らには分からない
この孤独抱きしめて 悲しさで体は真っ黒さ!
この翼いつの日か 黒よか白へと変わっていって
内は悪魔 外は天使
これを作り出すのは so お前らさ!
そこから見る景色は汚いだろうな 嗚呼
磨がれてた刀が今 指示されるでもなく抜かれてって
傷つけて気がつけば 取り返しのつかないことになる
僕は何で悲しくも この時代に生まれてきたんだろう?
自分すら制御できず まるで飛び方を忘れてるカラス
The wing turns to white
I won’t stop the fight
泣いてるか笑ってるか ソレすら誰にも分かりはしない
この孤独解き放って 誰かに伝えるべき白がある
この翼いつの日か 黒でも白でもなくなってって
形すら見えなくなって また新たな形作り出すのさ
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Black birds live together to survive
Where I throw away trash in the early morning
So we tried to pile together
Our convictions and sorrow toward living in this world
The one unchanging expression that of a tilted head
Deep black eyes betrayed at every turn
Laughing or crying, not one of you understands
Sorrowful bodies black from embracing loneliness too tightly
When will these wings finish changing from black to white?
Angel outside, devil inside
So you’re the ones who invented this!
I guess it seems like I’m taking it too lightly
We remember everything
We’re still staring at what you forced us to do
From that telephone pole today
Borrow the name Revenge
Stand up for your own sake
The scenery you see from there is dirty, isn’t it?
Now, the sharpened blade hasn’t been followed but overtaken
Hurt feelings become things you can’t take back if they’re noticed
Why do I feel such misery at being born during this time?
Even my own self is uncontrollable like I’m a crow that’s forgotten how to fly
The wing turns to white
I won’t stop the fight
Crying or laughing, even that not a person understands
Release this loneliness, be able to tell someone the white is there
When did you say these wings would neither be black or white?
When even shapes become indistinct, invent a new anything again
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