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Time's just flowing away, pokemons have been forgotten.
Life goes on. Cool, ain't cool, cool.
Hydroponics is progressing, relationships are becoming more complicated.
You don't believe in Santa Claus anymore, kitty, but you still believe in your other half1?
Two halves can belong to a pill, ass and the brain.
Undo my pants.
Life goes on, kitty, vertical solarium isn't the limit to progress.
There will, there will be more surprises - you'll see for yourself.
A real stewardess smiles until the end,
Just do like she does and fuck your whims.
Whims lead up to indecent hysterics on slippery cornices and to other shit.
Leave this style for intimidated emos and gloomy goths,
Aging poetesses and young homo-eros... One more binger2?
Well, kitty, don't keep me in suspense.
Please put the record straight: will we fuck?
I mean, body language, making out, frictions and other fucking dirty tricks.
Let's get closer, kitty, for the whole length of my device.
It's time... Aah yes,
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, aah yes, hooray.
Kitty, you really are the best, really the best.
Friction of our mucous membranes, and happiness exists.
Friction of our mucous membranes, and affliction isn't here.
Friction of our mucous membranes, and yeaah,
Friction of our mucous, and my cock feels fucking great inside your cunt. (x3)
  • 1. A person's partner, soulmate
  • 2. A whiff of some drugs
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Kisa (Киса)

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