Lắng Nghe Nước Mắt (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

Listen Carefully to the Tears

The other morning you suddenly cried
And then quickly wiped away the tears
We knew it was wrong even when we first met
Because you...already had...another lover
Goodbye...I'm fine...please don't bother
Don't be sad at what we had
I know I will still care about you
Even though I am...a...nobody
You can lie to me with your words
But how could you ever lie with your eyes?
Love is not wrong or right
We just need a beating heart
With each breaking moment we accept that we will live without each other
Very much like this earth existing without the sun
I just know that as I quietly watch you turn around to heart stops beating
Thinking about how we will never see each other again
Not everyone is lucky enough to find love
Just like how we found each other only to throw it away
Why must we part ways forever and ever?
Who knows when...we will...
Realize we can't forget each other
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Lắng Nghe Nước Mắt

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