M. Pokora - L'objet du désir (traduction en anglais)

traduction en anglais

The Object Of Desire

I live on stage
And every night
With their eyes they arouse me
I go through my act
Under the spotlights
It's a strip-tease show
With their voices they call me
They go wild
Their desires emerge
Sometimes backstage
The ladies give themselves hum hum hum yeah
They become in heat
As they see my body
Dripping with desire
Dream of a go go dancer
For a few hours
Tasting pleasure
They are all unfaithful
But so beautiful
And so willing
Sometimes backstage
I forget who I am
The object of desire
Is really only made for you
The object of pleasure
Available night and day
Can you imagine, girl, giving me every folly...
So sexy
They come in groups
Just like gangs
They get themselves off
No babysitter
Nor bad boy
With an explosive style
I am nothing but a fantasy
A moment of orgasm
An object of lust
Sometimes backstage
I wonder if they know who I am
Is is really you they desire
Or only your image
It's up to you to capture their true selves
Of course, I'm expecting the worst
I am not covering my face
I can glimpse their desire
Under the glitz
[Chorus] x 2
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L'objet du désir

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